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Keeping on top of your cleaning routine can be difficult at the best of times but living in a busy family home with pets requires a whole other level of cleaning. I’m guilty myself of letting jobs slip, nothing major but those tasks that I really dislike, like cleaning windows and scrubbing the skirting boards. I tend to put them off until I can’t really leave them any longer (or I can bribe the child into helping)

To combat the cleaning procrastination, I find that a cleaning routine really helps, as well as discovering some tips, tricks and tools to get the jobs done quicker and with less effort.

Invest in a Spray Mop

Before finding out how end of tenancy cleaning Milton Keynes did things, I was using normal mop. It’s hands down my favourite simple, cleaning purchase and I could kick myself for not buying one sooner. I spend the majority of my day cleaning up after muddy pet paws after walks, water bowl spills, remnants of slime from the child etc and that’s when the spray mop comes into its own. I especially love that they have removable microfibre pads that I can just pop them in the washing machine when finished. I don’t have to fill up an entire mop bucket every time and I can keep up with high foot-traffic areas in seconds. My floors have never been so clean and fresh!


Cleaning pet hair

Pet hair Vacuum Cleaners are key to cleaning if you have pets

For years I vacuumed the floors multiple times a day due to pet hair. My dogs seem to be constantly shedding and it was an eternal battle to have clean, pet hair free floors. Even straight after vacuuming, I would still be finding pet hairs on the floor and upholstery. That was until I discovered that there are pet hair vacuum cleaners that can handle even the most stubborn pet hair and filter out the smallest particles of dust and bacteria. Now I only have to vacuum once a day, which means I have more free time on my hands to enjoy.

Create Cleaning Schedules

I mentioned cleaning schedules earlier and it’s honestly the simplest way to keep on top of all the chores. By breaking them down by room, floor or task each day, it makes the tasks seem smaller and less daunting than doing it all in one go. You don’t have to be super organised with wall planners or anything like that. Simply set yourself little tasks to do like Mondays – Clean Bathrooms, Tuesday – Kitchen etc. I used to save the deep cleaning for Sundays but breaking it down makes it much more manageable.

The Pink Stuff!

The Pink Stuff has become a staple product in our home because it is so versatile. Rather than having multiple products for different areas and tasks, I can use this for most of them. Cleaning the sink, the hobs, upvc doors etc, it can all be done with this.

Cleaning Supplies

The Sonic Scrubber – reduce that time spent scrubbing

I’ve only recently added the Sonic Scrubber to my cleaning arsenal but as I previously mentioned, I really dislike scrubbing the skirting boards. They are an area that gets particularly mucky due to the aforementioned dogs. Once the scrubber came into my life, that scrubbing time reduced by more than half and required less elbow grease on my part.



I was pretty late to the Zoflora fan club but again its a multi-use product.  Now I use it daily. I use it diluted in the spray mop, as a disinfectant in spray bottles for cleaning down work surfaces, poured down the sink to clean the drain, sprayed onto upholstery to remove pet odours etc. Products that I can use for multiple tasks will always get my approval.

So, there we have it, my top tips for keeping up with the cleaning in a busy household. I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce my time spent cleaning so would love to hear your tips and tricks if you have any!

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