Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Home Security

home security

When looking at the general statistics, panic may be the immediate feeling; however, rest assured there are various ways to protect your home and family. Improving your home security may be an expensive exercise, but there are a few cost-effective ways to improve the safety of your home. Evaluating and improving everyday items like your locks, doors and installing lights can improve the overall security in your home.


Evaluate Your Locks

Locks come in different shapes and sizes, and over the years, they have evolved, with some installed with high tech designs. A strong long should be able to withstand battering and break-in attempts. If you haven’t thought about changing your locks in a long time, replace them or consider re-keying them to keep your lock system upgraded.

If you have a broken key in a lock perhaps, remove a broken key from the lock or replace the entire lock unit. To ensure your home is safe at all times, locking your home even when you are home is an extra precaution to leave nothing to chance.


Upgrade Your Doors

Investing in the best and smart lock systems is a great idea; however, even the best locks can do so much when it comes to the safety of your home. It only makes sense to upgrade the exterior doors in conjunction with upgrading your lock systems; what good is high tech lock on a flimsy wooden door? Rather trade the old doors for solid wood or even steel doors.

If you have glass slight doors anywhere in your home like the balcony, a smart, simple burglar-proof idea is placing a broomstick between the door lock and frame.


Keep Expensive Items Out of Sight

Leaving all your expensive gadgets lying around in plain sight or delaying your 60-inch plasma TV screen directly in the view of your windows, is like putting a huge sign inviting strangers to help themselves. Remember, out of sight – out of mind, what burglars don’t know you have, they are likely not to come.

A few habits to practice when you are not home include keeping your curtains closed and keeping your valuables out of sight when you’re not home. Whenever you buy a new gadget or TV set, avoid leaving the box outside with the trash bins, rather cut the box into fine pieces and shove it in the trash bag.


Clean Up Your Landscaping

Giving your shrubs and bushes and regular shave may be underrated, while thieves use bushy areas as hiding spots, especially under windows and next to doors. To deprive burglars of a hiding spot, replacing thick bushes and heavy shrubs with plants and small trees can be a good idea.


Install Lights and Home Security Lights

Intruders are more reluctant to break into a well-lit home, as opposed to a home with a few dark areas to hide. Motion-activated lights around your home are a great investment; this does not only keep the intruders away but saves power while keeping your home safe. Having lights on even when you’re not home helps keep your home safe, so maybe purchase a timer to keep your home lit during the night-time and off during the day.

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