Top Tips To Consider Before Getting A Pet

pet dog

Having a pet dog is great but they come with a lot of responsibilities . As we all know, pet dogs are completely dependent on their owners. As soon as we become pet owners, it is our duty to take care of them. If you don’t have any type of experience with pets, it’s best that you research and learn about the care of your pet before hand. One of the most essential things to look at is  pet care and hygiene  for maintaining your dogs healthcare. Our pets are more prone to catching infections and diseases easily and because they cannot speak for themselves, we have to make sure that they are well cared for and we take every precaution to keep them healthy.

Here’s a few tips on how to make sure your pet is in tip top shape and always in the best condition.

pet dogs care

Purchase good quality water and food bowls: 

It might not seem like much but since the majority of pets eat their meals from bowls on the ground, they can harbour more bacteria. Stainless steel bowls are easier to clean and sanitise and can often be purchased with rubber grips underneath to stop them sliding across the floor.  It is recommended that you should avoid using plastic bowls as they can easily be contaminated with bacteria and germs.


Make sure your pet has a healthy and well balanced diet. Some dogs require a hypoallergenic diet as there are breeds that are more prone to allergies.

Wash your pets toys and bedding

You should regularly wash your dog’s toys they mostly use their mouths to play and chew on them. The toys can become hot spots for germs and bacteria. The same goes for pet beds and bedding, they also require regular washing. I tend to pop the toys and bedding on a 60 degree wash every few weeks. It also helps to keep the dog toys on rotation, this also helps with boredom by not having the same toys constantly.  Along with the dog toys and bedding, you should also keep the dog collars & leashes clean in the same way. This will help reduce the chances of skin irritation, skin problems and infections.


You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to have your pet groomed, usually once every couple of months is sufficient to keep your pet in good condition. Dogs aren’t like humans so regular bathing isn’t a must but every couple of months can help remove a build up of dirt and bacteria but daily brushing is advised, especially if your pet has a longer coat. Pet grooming also includes hair trimming and clipping, nail clipping and medicated baths. If you aren’t up to the task of grooming your pet yourself, there are specialist pet groomers and even mobile pet groomers that will come to your house to assist with your pets grooming needs.

Make sure your home is pet safe

It’s often easy to forget that what might be safe for a human, it might not necessarily be safe for your pet. Our surroundings play an significant role in keeping your pet healthy. For instance check that the cleaning products that you use are pet safe, it’s not unheard of pets becoming sick after licking their paws after you have cleaned. There’s lots of things to consider like making sure that you have a cool spot for your pet to lie on in outside space, some floors can be too hot i.e. tarmac and artificial grass, which can burn your pets paws causing painful sores.  Try to keep your pets living space as clean as possible as some bacteria’s can cause your pets to become unwell and also cause skin conditions.

It should also be mentioned that there a a lot of human foods which dogs should not have access to, things like grapes, chocolate etc which can cause your pet to become seriously unwell. It’s worth checking that your pets cannot access these, as well as sinks and toilets that are often filled with chemicals.

Take the essential steps 

If you have decided that you want to become pet owners, remember it is a huge commitment and they require a lot of your time ad affection. It is not recommended that you leave your pet alone for longer than 3 hours per day.  You have to have the time available to walk, exercise and train your pet.

Ready for a pet?

Whilst it is a huge responsibility, being a pet owner is a hugely rewarding experience. With the right care and hygiene, your pet could be your best friend for many years to come.

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