Today has been a proud mummy day

Today has been a proud mummy day 2

A little late but better than never, Isabelle had her appointment today for her two year check. I’m a mum, I worry constantly about one thing or another. Is she developing well? Is she eating enough? is she the right height/weight? Just before her first birthday we stopped visiting the the health visitors because it became something I stressed over, she was always just below the 25th centile and that worried me so to put an end to it, we stopped taking her to be weighed. Today was the first time we have been back in over a year and this time it was more of a developmental check.

Today has been a proud mummy day 3

She was observed playing, her minor and major motor skills, playing with others, her coordination, her physical abilities, all of which were given 10/10. Then came her speech, where we discovered she is actually quite far ahead and knows a lot more than we thought she did. I couldn’t have been any happier with my little not so little girl. She now measures in at 89.5cm for her height and 11kgs (just over 24lbs) in weight. Overall we were told that she is progressing great and is advanced for her age which is a great relief, we know that as parents we are doing something right. It made me so proud to see her helping other children with jigsaws and showing the staff animals and their noises but most of all her ability to pick up new things, it goes to show just how observant children actually are.

Today was also the day that we went to visit a school and pick up her application forms, when did she grow up so quickly? It brings tears to my eyes to know that our day times together are numbered, soon she shall be toddling off to preschool. I’m not sure I am quite ready for that transition just yet…….

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  1. Yay! Always lovely to hear they are doing well x

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