Today is a new day

Today I start the transition from fatty to skinny minnie, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve always been rotund for as far as I can remember, sometimes more rotund than others. During my pregnancy I actually started to lose weight rather than gain. I had actually lost two stone during my pregnancy and after the birth of Isabelle a further two stone. I felt great, well great that I had dropped a a couple of dress sizes but the reason for it was that I was quite poorly and couldn’t eat. Still I was proud of my weightloss.

Well on the road to recovery I was so happy to be well again that I didn’t notice that my appetite had returned to normal. I was able to eat a meal again rather than the smaller than children’s sized portions I had been eating throughout my pregnancy. Now 11 months on I have increased my blubber size like a seal (or Walrus in my case) for the winter.

I’m not going to be silly, I know that my body will never be a replica of a Victoria’s Secret model but what I am striving for is body confidence, something that I have not had for a loooooong time.

When I build up the courage I will upload a full body shot (fully clothed of course) and continue to do so throughout my journey.

My only target so far is to drop a dress size by January and no more cake (unless I REALLY have to) then I shall take it from there……….


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