Tips for Summertime Photography

Tips for Summertime Photography 2

Summer is a fantastic time to get out with your camera. The days are longer, you will hopefully get more light, it’s warmer and there is a lot more activity going on outside that you can shoot. There are also problems: images are susceptible to flair and sunrise tends to be at an unsociable hour but all in all it’s fun time to be out and about. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of the summer with your camera.


Use a Polariser

You can capture some interesting imagery using a polarising lens. Summer skies and the high levels of light which the season brings make it perfect for manipulation. The lens’ ability to deepen tone and heighten contrast opens a whole lot of creative opportunity for your outdoor photography.

Take Advantage of the Light

Long days providing lots of light mean equipment such as tripods are not needed. Without this burden of carrying heavy equipment you can walk further and explore vast areas with your camera. The light also gives opportunity to experiment with silhouettes and reflections.

Experiment with Monochrome

While the summer is excellent for picking out bright colours such as flowers and blue skies, the shadows and bright sunshine make for great monochrome images. Converting images in jpeg is probably the best way to go about creating the best monochrome pictures.

Search Out Summer Activity

Hot air balloon demos, water sports, family picnics (your own, photographing other peoples’ could get awkward!); these are all great outdoor activities to take your camera along to. Taking a telephoto lens to an air show or balloon festival will allow you to get some bright colours against the bluest of skies and most majestic of cloud formations.

Have a Sundowner

Misty lakes, sun on the horizon, active wildlife, make early mornings or sunset snapping a most fulfilling pursuit this time of year. Make sure you find your perfect spot to pitch up with tripod and cable release to get sharp images at the ideal moment.

Family Photos

Snap your family having summer fun in the garden as this is the time of year when they will be at the most photogenic. The only problem is you will not be able to get in the snaps yourself. A way to get round this is taking a trip to professional photographers such as Venture Studios to get some great looking snaps of the whole family.

Head to the Sea

While the drama of a winter’s stormy sea can provide some stunning photography, there is lots to be said for a tranquil sunny sea. The beach is also a much more pleasant place to be in the winter months.

So make the most of summer this year and get out early, go to the coast and take in lots of activities.

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