The Tots100 and Home Makeover Challenge #TotsDIY

The Tots100 and Home Makeover Challenge #TotsDIY 2

We live in rented accommodation and although we have decorated our main rooms the bathroom has always been put on hold, mainly because we don’t own the house and also because we cannot afford to replace what is there. A lick of paint will just not do

The bathroom has become a bit of a sore point, we spend as little time in there as possible. It is located at the furthest end of the house in the ground floor extension. It is cold freezing, damp, the window does not open fully and after a disaster of burst pipes last year the flooring is beyond repair needs replacing. Cosmetically it is hideous and the bathroom suite is not far behind….imagine a 1970s beige bathroom suite with the added bonus of an MDF sheet as a bath panel. Apparently the previous bath panel was damaged and removed before we moved into the property. After years of being a rented property the bathroom walls and tiles have seen better days, no matter how hard I have scrubbed and tried to touch them up, they still remain in a similar state to that of a student abode or squat.

Did I mention that it is also a very small space? Well there is more room in the back of a Ford Transit than there is in my bathroom. In this small space that we call our bathroom we have zero storage, no place for clean towels, no place for products, what we do have is a bath full of toys.

Now I tried to patch up the bath panel, the wooden board was becoming too much to look at so I purchased squares of tile mosaics and no more nailed them to the wooden sheet. Not my smartest idea but it’s better than before even if they are slowly falling off one by one.

Did I miss anything? oh yes my shower is in fact not a shower….it’s a trickler and sometimes a dribbler depending, either way it’s not a pleasant experience.

So in our bid for a new bathroom, I am entering into the Tots100 and Home Makeover Decor Challenge


The Tots100 and Home Makeover Challenge #TotsDIY 3

The Tots100 and Home Makeover Challenge #TotsDIY 4



I’m not asking for much am I? I don’t want a massively over indulgent bathroom with spa baths and jet showers (don’t get me wrong that would be nice) but a simple white suite, new tiling, a radiator/towel warmer that works, some storage and flooring would be lovely. So please put us out of our misery of the cold uninviting bathroom and help us create a bathroom that we are happy to be in.

I’ve put together a board on Pinterest to show what I would like, it’s not the colourful creative playroom that I first thought of, or the luxurious designer kitchen I have dreamed of, it’s the bathroom that we need.

I’d love to turn this

The Tots100 and Home Makeover Challenge #TotsDIY 5

into something like this


Obviously with the small space we have to work with we cant have exactly what we have pinned but it is there just to give a general idea (and tease us). painting and decorating


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  2. Hello Karina
    We at Rated People just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to enter the Tots 100 competition. I would also love a new bathroom like the one you posted but unfortunately Ford Transits are not that big or that nice inside.
    Thanks again for your time and effort.
    Adam Walker

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