The Right Trousers

The Right Trousers 2

These days, men take more of an interest in fashion than they used to. They like to look good and are willing to spend more money to do so. Gone are the days when you would struggle to get them to invest in new clothes. The only problem is a lot of men are short on time. As a result, often, it is you that does most of the shopping for the men in your house. With this in mind, I have put together this men`s fashion related post, which focuses on buying trousers for the men in your life.Back view of a guy wearing a denim

Chinos are a great starting point

When it comes to menswear, chinos are one of the best options. They work for any age group, and are super easy to dress up or down, which makes them a versatile item of clothing. For a party, they can look smart when worn with a good-quality shirt. However, look just as good paired with a t-shirt for a hike or a day out on the beach.

Most chinos are made from 100% natural cotton, and the fabric is closely woven. This means that the skin can breathe, and that they wear well. Therefore, if you are not bad at sewing you can easily turn a pair that has gone at the knees into a pair of shorts for gardening and other DIY tasks.

At least one pair of formal trousers

Whilst chinos look smart they cannot be worn everywhere. For job interviews and attending funerals, it is always a good idea to have a pair of formal trousers in the wardrobe. These should be made from good quality fabric and tried on periodically to make sure that they still fit. It is also worth making sure that every man in the house has a jacket that fits to go with this pair of formal trousers. That way you will not be left scrabbling around trying to buy something suitable for the mean in your family to wear when Aunt Ginnie passes away.


Jeans for every man

Another fashion staple that works for most men is a good pair of jeans. Provided you buy the right pair, they can be worn for years. If you know that your husband likes a particular brand and cut it is usually well worth buying him a pair. He will feel good when he wears them and appreciate your spending the money.

The other good thing about jeans is the potential to sell them on when your man has finished with them. There is growing demand for vintage denim. Prices vary, but you will be stunned by how much money you can earn from selling even a very ratty pair of original 501s or other iconic jeans. This article gives you an insight into this growing market.

However, if cash is tight do not dismiss the idea of buying supermarket jeans. They are surprisingly good quality, so make a good substitution for branded jeans. Potentially, your husband and boys could wear the cheap jeans around the house, for walking the dog and DIY. That way they can keep their more expensive pair for wearing socially or to school or work.

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