The old “are you ready for a baby?”

Is anyone ever ready for a baby?

It’s no secret that Isabelle was not planned, we were certainly not at the “lets have a baby” stage. Even now it’s hard to believe that we have a child let alone me wanting to have another.

Being a silly mummy I still take every “are you ready to have baby” quiz online/in magazines that I find. The results vary!

Most of them had a recurring theme

How happy are you in your relationship?
How is your career/job? Are you happy there to?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
What do you worry about the most when you think of having a baby?

One question &  answer option has amused me

“For you, having children is”

A symbol of love between you and your partner
The Meaning of life
The inevitable conclusion of your youth and freedom
Accepting that you are a grown-up

Is this true? In many ways I can see how this would be true. It doesn’t mean that you would love your child any less, yes I now feel older than what I am (aches & pains, personal choices etc) and I no longer consider myself as a spring chicken but I do not feel like I have lost my freedom. I want to take Isabelle everywhere with me, I love spending my time with her.

I don’t think that a quiz can tell me if I am ready or not but it is interesting to see the results. 60% of the quizzes I have undertaken have told me politely to wait a while before I start trying to conceive. Well it’s too late for that, I already have a beautiful little girl and as much as I said when she was born that she would be the only one, I now want another. So much for me saying I wasn’t the maternal type eh?

Understandably I can see how some factors in circumstances can have influence your parenting but how can they define if you are ready? Does it mean that you cannot provide your child with everything it may need? Surely not……………..

Then there were the “how much do you know about babies?” well to be honest before pregnancy I knew absolutely nothing about babies except where they come from. Even now I am still learning new and amazing things about babies

I don’t think anyone can be 100% prepared and ready for a baby, but that’s all part of the fun





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