The Big Night Out

The Big Night Out 2

Other than one night when Isabelle was 9 months old, she has never been away from mummy or daddy over night, we’re not over protective parents, we just like having her around and feel lost when she is gone.

After not having a night off in two years it was taking it’s toll on us, we just wanted an evening to ourselves where we didn’t have to worry about ‘little legs’ waking up or us disturbing her. The events of the past month have left us exhausted so a night away from the little one was just what the doctor ordered. Packing her bag and her bedtime necessities off she went for her first ever sleep over to Nanas house with her favourite aunty Paula.

Now it was time to decide what we were going to do,what do people usually do when they have a night free for the kids?


The answer for us was, absolutely nothing. For the first time in almost 3 years we had a night to ourselves and we weren’t going to waste it by rushing around for a night out on the town, heading to an overpriced cinema where you have to have to take out a second mortgage just to get a bag of popcorn and we certainly weren’t going to bother getting our glad rags on for a romantic meal for two. Since the Mr is recovering from heart surgery and being so unbelievably tired a night in was on the cards. Drinking, crowded bars and over priced drinks were the last thing that we wanted.

For us a takeaway, pyjamas, movies and some decent strategy PC games were all that we needed for a relaxing evening. After a quick catch up with Game of Thrones, an hour playing Counter Strike and a peaceful dinner without having to share my meal, I was rather relaxed. Who knew that doing nothing could be so enjoyable?

It might seem a little crazy to some but spending time with the Mr while we battle and build in online games is the perfect way for us to get some R&R. It was a quiet night with no tantrums, no toddler out smarting us and we even managed a bit of a lie in the next morning… doesn’t get better than that. I will most certainly be taking others up on offers for watching Isabelle overnight in future.

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