My little lady has been suffering with her soon to be new teeth lately, its been a struggle to say the least. I think we will all be happy when the first tooth makes its debut, but for now we can only comfort her and wait it out.

We’ve tried a number of combinations to help ease her pain from a variety of teething toys to teething powders, granules and gels.

Currently we apply Nelsons Teetha and Ashton and Parsons, these seem to keep her happy enough during the day teamed with Sophie le Giraffe and her trust Nuby teething keys. With a dose of calprofen in the mornings this usually does the trick. Then come the evenings, everything changes. Izzy becomes highly irritable, clingy and she cannot be settled, luckily I have discovered Anbesol liquid, which numbs the gums and I hope takes the edge off. Whilst she is still rather clingy, she does not appear to be in too much pain.

We are lucky in the fact that we have had no issues of her waking in the night even though she has been teething and going through growth spurts, but what we have experienced are night terrors. She does not wake, but she does get herself into hysterics whilst in her sleep and then the screaming comes. Firstly this did scare us and we were out of our comfort zone as there was nothing that we could do. Was there something wrong with her? The answer to that is no, she wakes up a happy smiley baby so it appears that these are some kind of nightmare.  We cannot explain why she has them, only that they do her no harm.

We have read there that is a relationship with teething and these night terrors but I cannot see the correlation myself.

Some useful tips

For those with babies that do not want to be put down, a Mei Tai or alternative form of baby carrier has been a god send for us. Isabelle has felt secure and comforted in her Mei Tai and it also helps send her to sleep. I don’t know how I would manage without it.

Cold fruits have been useful, allowing her to bite down on cold things at snack times, she seems to enjoy this more than her usual snacks.If you are worried about a small baby choking or not being able to manage fruits so early, there are many useful products available like the Nuby Nibbler. Allowing you fill a small mouth sized net with fruits and ice, the child can safely chew and suck the fruit themselves with the aid of a handle without worry of them choking on any lumps and pieces. Asda also have their own version in their Little Angels for under £3. I highly recomend these as they also come in handy during the weaning process.


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