Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice 2

I was fairly confident that little girls were supposed to be sugar, spice and all things nice but in my case we have a little munchkin on our hands that loves dirt, bugs and plain old mischief.

She would rather wear a pair of jeans and baseball boots than a pretty dress dainty little shoes, I have no problem with this, she’s only two and the most important thing to me is that she is happy and comfortable. It’s a little disappointing for some members of my family, they wanted a little girl who was exactly that, one who they could play dress up with and would look pristine. In reality she’s the child that loves to climb, run around, get wet and dirty without a second thought.


She has recently discovered her love of scootering and shows no fear, she scooters around with the older kids without a care in the world and doesn’t think twice about falling off. I’m guessing it’s because right now she looks up to the older children, she wants to be like them and do the same things as them. She is a determined little madam and picks out her own clothes even when it comes to buying new ones.

mickey mouse snapback

Recently we’ve had to update her summer wardrobe because of the rapid rate in which she is growing, all of her clothes from last year no longer fit so after a few frustrating trips to the shops she now has her summer wardrobe. She picked out the superman t-shirt because daddy wears one, she wanted the mickey mouse snapbacks over the pretty little sun hat that mummy picked out and the only dress that she would acknowledge was the one with the cats on it because she loves animals.

I love that right now my daughter knows her own mind and I honestly have no problem in her choices. If she wants to wear clothes that are marketed for boys and if she wants to play with toys deemed as boys toys then I’m not going to stop her. Right now she’s happy playing animal vet whilst pushing a football around in the pram, her imagination is blooming.

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