How to Style Jewellery for Men

How to Style Jewellery for Men 2

Jewellery can make the perfect addition to your outfit, providing the ideal finishing touch to make sure that your outfit really stands out. However, perhaps contrary to popular misconception, jewellery isn’t just for women.

How to Style Jewellery for Men 2

From watches and cufflinks to tie clips and pocket handkerchiefs, there are plenty of stylish accessories targeted towards men. But this doesn’t mean that men can’t wear other types of jewellery – far from it, in fact. In today’s world, attitudes towards men’s jewellery are gradually shifting away from what used to be the norm as more and more men become willing to embrace their personal style and the many ways in which designer jewellery can add to it.

Bracelets, necklaces and rings for men are becoming increasingly commonplace, as more designer jewellery brands promote the value and worth of jewellery for all genders. After all, why should we keep certain accessories for one gender and different accessories for the other?

If you are ready to take the leap into wearing jewellery for men, there are plenty of different options when it comes to outfits, styling and finding the perfect piece for the occasion.

Formal Attire

Formal occasions like weddings, parties and more formal work events like conferences or important meetings call for a slick, polished and professional look. While men’s jewellery may traditionally be seen as far more suited to informal settings and laidback scenarios, as opposed to situations which call for a stricter dress code, there is no reason why different accessories can’t be equally well suited to one or the other.

Of course, at events like these, it is your more formal accessories that will finish off your look with the utmost style. Cufflinks are a must – there are many different types, styles and designs of cufflinks, and luxury, designer cufflinks are perfect for adding an extra touch of class and elegance to your suit or black tie attire. Why not add a matching tie clip or lapel pin to really drive the look home?

How to Style Jewellery for Men 1

At Work

Similarly to the types of jewellery best suited to formal attire, at work, you will want to look professional and composed at all times. However, here the level of formality you go for will depend on your job type and what is expected of you. For example, high-level professionals or those in client-facing positions are much more likely to need to comply with a stricter dress code than those in creative industries or behind-the-scenes office jobs, for instance.

This means that your accessories will need to comply with the individual guidelines set out by your workplace, ensuring that you remain in keeping with what is expected of you. So whether your job is more cool cufflinks or unique jewellery, make sure to tailor your look to these expectations.

Everyday Casual

A more relaxed look for your daily life is essential – make sure to incorporate jewellery into your attire to guarantee a successful casual look!

Leather bracelets or stackable bracelets are a great way to add a little interest to the smaller details of your outfit. There are many different styles and designs of men’s bracelets, from luxury designer pieces right through to more bright and colourful options. For more bracelet design inspiration, check this site out.

However, with all this in mind, the most important thing that you should bear in mind when considering your accessories is your own individual style. Jewellery and accessories serve the purpose of complementing your outfit and adding to your unique sense of style; they should add to your look rather than dictating it. Therefore, personal tastes always trump the latest fashion trends when it comes to style – as long as you are happy with your look, that should be all that matters.

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