Sponsored Video Tweeting Bra Nestle Fitness

Sponsored Video Tweeting Bra Nestle Fitness 2

How often do you remember to give yourself a breast examination? Do you know how to do it correctly and do you know what you are looking for?



If like me and you are shaking your head to these questions then it’s probably about time you did something about it. Remember to check your breasts, it doesn’t have to be every day, it’s not a chore, just once a month. I can’t quite express how important it is, however, some women, myself included, forget all about it or put it off for another day.It’s understandable, It’s so easy to find yourself getting snowed under with work and family life and it ends up just taking a back seat but the importance cannot be underestimated with around 55,000 people (400 of those being men) each year being diagnosed with breast cancer.

It’s honestly amazing how many women have never checked their own breasts, I even discussed this with a friend and she wasn’t even aware that she could and thought it was only a medical professional that would be able to tell if there was anything sinister. It’s completely not the case, you know your own body and how it works, if anything doesn’t feel quite right, sore, changes in colour then it’s best to have them checked out. Earlier detection and better treatments mean that survival rates after a diagnosis of breast cancer are improving.

To help generate increased awareness of the need for regular breast self-examination, Nestle? Fitness have come up with a rather novel and exciting campaign. The Tweeting bra, yes you read that right, a bra that tweets.



Nestlé Fitness have teamed up with Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou, she’s been wearing the tweeting bra and each time she removes the bra, it sends a message via Bluetooth to her mobile phone and a tweet is posted from the @TweetingBra account to remind their followers about the monthly self-exam.

Now I know you might be thinking, “why?” and “what on earth is that going to do to help” If I hadn’t heard about the campaign myself I would think it was a completely crazy idea but you see it’s not really crazy, it’s a way of reminding people to check and it works. No matter how busy I am, I always find time to check my social media platforms at least once a day so I will see those tweets.

The idea is to raise awareness one tweet at a time and it’s certainly turning a few heads. The Tweeting bra already has over 6000 followers so if you want to get in on the action you can follow the tweeting bra on twitter and also by following the tweeting bra hashtag: #tweetingbra

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own

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