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I love the convenience of having a car, no getting wet in the rain, no waiting on public transport and most of all no hassle. Well there’s no hassle until it gets to that time of the year when we have to insure the car again. With our old car we were able to use a specialist policy which gave us a great discount but when we changed cars we could not renew the policy with a different car.

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I dread having to renew the car insurance as each year, rather than the payments reducing in cost they seem to be getting steeper despite no claims. Understandably our age and location play a huge part in this, at one point the quotes we were almost 10 times more expensive than the actual market value of the car. Obviously we shopped around for the best deal that we could get but it wasn’t easy and we are still spending an obscene amount on our car insurance premium.
Luckily my partner is a huge car geek and spends some of his time throwing banter on car forums, he has made some great friends through these who have pointed us in the direction of more specialist insurers. Unfortunately some of these companies have point blank refused to quote us because we live in Manchester, ridiculous!

Having never had any accidents, our insurance is high not because of the quality of our driving, but our age and of course the location. In saying that since having Isabelle we have become more cautious when out driving, not that we neglected anything before. Just so much more so now that we have a little person, this has resulted in spotting more and more issues when out driving. You pick up on other people’s mistakes more and I have found myself becoming highly irritable, even when as a passenger. I can feel my anxiety levels rising and I am angered at bad manners and inconsiderate behaviour on the roads, not just from other drivers but also from pedestrians. I’m not the type of person that would say anything; I can shake it off, whereas my partner, it really does press his irritable buttons. He has on occasion been known to honk his horn and even shout a mild obscenity or two. It is true that people often have a driving personality that differs to their own, you can find out what kind of driving personality you have by visiting the Quote Me Happy Facebook Page. I tested as a “Careful Colin” which sounds about right.


It is careless drivers that are increasing our premiums and making it difficult for people to cover the cost of insurance. Comparison sites allowed us to compare quotes from insurers but we often found out we got the best quotes when contacting the companies direct and we didn’t even need to phone them to do it, companies like Quotemehappy.com have customer focused teams online and you can even process quotes online which is great for parents like us that don’t want to be held in a call centre queue for an eternity when we have important cushion fort building, days out, book reading and cookie baking to do with our little one.

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