Somebody that I used to know

Somebody that I used to know 2

A lot has changed over the years, I’m nothing like the person I once was, in fact if I met my younger self now I probably wouldn’t like her. She was the kind of girl that would spend all nighters in a bar, drinking, dancing badly and generally being a wally. I was a giddy and carefree girl who didn’t know where she was going in life, I changed my mind at the drop of a hat and I was completely indecisive.

4811_116324731604_7413861_nNow that girl seems like a complete stranger to me but I know the girl that used to dye her hair pink and dance like no one was watching, is still in there somewhere. Nowadays my idea of the perfect evening doesn’t involve rolling in at 9am and grabbing a fresh pair of clothes before heading out to work.


I’d much rather kick back and relax with the Mr, maybe if we’re feeling fruity we’ll crack open a bottle of wine. It has only recently struck me that although it does not feel like it, I’ve actually grown up. I still feel like it was only yesterday that I was the awkward girl that was ruled by hormones and giggled at my crushes. Now I am settled, I have my little family, I have the Mr whom I love dearly and I could not be happier. I never thought I would grow up but slowly it has snuck up on me like a skillfullninja…I’m a fully fledged adult

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