Sponsored Video: from a slummy mummy to a possible yummy mummy

With the sleepless nights and the restless days that come with being a parent to a new-born, it doesn’t really get much better being a parent to a toddler either much to my surprise. Yes I can now sleep throughout the night but during the day I am far from being a yummy mummy running around after a very determined toddler. With my hair tied back, very rarely styled, I now venture out of the house WITHOUT makeup which is something I never did before I had Isabelle.  More often than not I have food on my clothes as my daughter likes to share…..A lot

I’m not asking to be a glamorous mummy but for once I would love to be able to go out of the house looking like I have made an effort with a touch of make up to make me look fresh face and not liked the tired out mummy that I have become.

One of my main problems is actually getting out and buying the makeup, I dread taking Isabelle shopping because now she wants to walk everywhere and isn’t happy about being strapped in the pram on shopping trips. Also she likes to pull things off shelves, possibly expensive things so I am not willing to take that risk so I am reduced to picking my makeup from the small selection that my supermarket has to offer and some of it being expensive for what it is. In the time that my partner waltzes down the Isles’ to pick up fruit I have my chance to pick up makeup in a quick dash before reaching the other end to collect items for Isabelle. I don’t have the time to browse with an impatient baby and a partner that would rather be at home playing COD and other games than out shopping and to be honest and free time that I get, the last thing that I want is the hustle and bustle of a busy store whilst I try and find makeup to suit me.

Am I destined to look/feel like a slummy mummy rather than a yummy mummy until Isabelle leaves home? Well not after looking around, Avon could possibly be the answer to my prayers. Offering excellent quality at a reasonable price on skincare, cosmetics and fragrances I can order everything online or through a representative and have my products delivered to my door. I can spare a few minutes to sit down and relax whilst looking over an Avon catalogue or online. I can do this at any time of the day without worrying about the time.

As they are constantly introducing new products to their ranges there are heaps of variety in many shades so something to suit everyone. I was a little doubtful over the quality but after being an Avon customer for a few months now I have no complaints. I love the Avon Gold Radiant Foundation enriched with real gold which helps to give my skin a natural luminosity (and boy do I need it when running around after Isabelle all day) With lots of offers available to you can grab some great bargains at the moment they have a 2 for £20 on selected products which is great as the Radiant Gold Foundation is £14 on its own so now I can get 2 for £10!

Avon has now introduced the Avon Ideal Flawless collection which I cannot wait to get my hands on.  My skin has uneven tones and occasionally gets lovely red patches so anything that can cover them up and still make me look natural is a winner in my books. With four fab products in the range including a pressed powder, cream powder, concealer sticks and Invisible Coverage Foundation there is a type for all preferences, me myself I love liquid foundation as I find it easier to apply so come pay day I will be purchasing the invisible coverage foundation in a hope to create a soft natural delicate look with a fine and lightweight formula. There’s nothing worse than having a really thick foundation to work with.

 I also love the huge range of nail varnish available, as a recovering nail biter I now take pride in my nails and always like to add a splash of colour to them so it’s great that I can get lots of shades to suit my moods/outfits/weather etc. and already I am building up quite the collection for a fraction of the cost than what I would pay normally especially when I use the deals that Avon offer.

I prefer to order online but I still can get my order delivered to my door and paying online could not be easier (they even accept PayPal now to) I don’t have to leave my house and frustrate my partner with “girly shopping” just to purchase make up anymore.



 This post has been sponsored by Avon, but all thoughts are our own

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