Simple Ways To Redecorate On A Budget

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Now and again our homes need sprucing up. Whether it is your first time redecorating your house or your fifth – playing around with colour schemes and new furnishings is always a fun challenge and can make the world of difference to your home. 

But alongside redecorating always comes a cost, and we all know that revamping a room completely can cost a pretty penny if you go all in. However there are some ways that you can change and improve the look of your home without the need for burning a hole in your pockets. 

Here are some of the simple changes and improvements you can make to your home this year that won’t cost too much. 

Redecorate a wall or two 

The first simple step you can take to change the dynamic of your home this year is to repaint any feature walks you currently have in the house. You can buy paint samples cheaply online and test a few colours before choosing one that suits you and your home. The great thing is that you don’t have to change the whole colour scheme of your room – simply change the feature colour and leave everything else the same. You can find colour palette ideas online and see if there are any that use the same accessories with a slightly different feature. This is a simple way to brighten up any room of the house without having to fork out for completely new items. 

Paint some photo frames 

Photo frames are a super simple way to vamp up the look of a room – and you can take this idea a step further and use your photo frames as an excuse to add a pop of colour to your wall. For example, if you were to have a teal coloured wall that looked cool, light, and bright – you can easily have a couple of pink and orange coloured picture frames that will add some contrast and real life to your wall display. You don’t have to spend money finding frames of specific colours – all you need is some cheap wooden frames and some paint testers in your desired colours. You can then paint as many frames as you like and use these to decorate your walls! 

Create a bathroom jungle 

One of the best ways to spruce up your bathroom without spending too heavily is to invest in a flower and plant display that brings some calm and spa like atmosphere to the room. A bathroom jungle display can be done with many different types of plants and flowers such as aloe Vera, cactus, orchids, and more – and it will bring some light and energy to your bathroom. This is a great way to also improve on the calming nature of the bathroom as the plants will release oxygen and help you to relax during your pamper sessions. 

redecorate your home

Pile up pillows 

Pillows are a great way to quickly and cheaply spruce up a space. If you have a room that is painted mostly white with a feature wall as a focal point, chances are you need a pop of colour that will offset the rest of the room and make it look more put together. For example, a room painted navy blue or dark green can benefit massively from coloured cushions in yellow or gold to add some contrast to your interior design. There are so many great cushion cover designs out there to choose from and it won’t take you long to find the perfect pieces to add to your sofa, chairs, and even your bed. You can even take this one step further and purchase some extra coloured covers that can be interchanged throughout the year during different seasons. 

Use blankets for layering 

As well as bringing soft touches in the shape of cushions to your home, you can also invest in a couple of bright throws and blankets that will add texture as well as colour to your room design. This is such an easy way to quickly add pattern and colour to a room without a huge cost and you can change these throughout the year to suit your taste and your needs. 

Swap out your curtains 

Curtains are such an important part of any room design – but they are often left by the wayside as a forgotten feature of your home. Bring your living room to life with a good set of curtains in a stunning matte tone and you will soon add a touch of elegance without the heavy price tag. 

Create a focal point 

Creating a focal point for every room in your house is important and it will help to bring your design together and build a stunning room. In your bedroom – the focal point will be your bed – and you can create a feature wall behind this with artwork as well as use your bedding to create a stunning space. In the living room your focal point will likely either be the TV or fireplace, and again you can add features such as plants, candles, ornaments and other things that will capture the space and make it look out together. 

Add illumination 

Illumination is such an important part of your home interior and lurching can be inexpensive for your home. A simple change to any room would be changing warm white bulbs to cool white and allowing the natural light to penetrate into the room, casting a stunning light everywhere instead of a yellow tinted one. You can also buy wall lamps, floor lamps, and desk lamps that will create design features in the rooms as well as help you to create an elegant space. 

Use the rule of three 

The rule of three is so important when it comes to design – and this is something you should use throughout your home to help make it look more professionally styled. The rule of three is simple – if you have a design feature such as shelving, paintings, or cushions – always work in threes. Odd numbers are more satisfying to look at and using this trick will help elevate your home design for less. 

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