Save money and keep warm this winter

Save money and keep warm this winter 2

The winter period sure is an expensive time of the year with added costs to keep your homes warm and bright with those early dark nights. It’s an age of increasing gas and electricity prices and we definitely feel the squeeze. Here are a few tips to help save money this winter (and reduce that carbon footprint too!)

1) Think about loft insulation – up to 25% of heat is lot through the roof, having loft insulation can significantly reduce that number
2) Turn that thermostat down by just 1°C and it could help you save up to £60 over the year
3) Draught excluders on external doors and letter boxes are a good way of preserving heat in your home
4) Unplug electronics that are not used regularly and turn off electronics when not in use, it’s surprising how many devices we leave in standby mode. Similarly take gadgets off of charge once they are fully charged
5) Make sure radiators aren’t blocked by furniture, rooms are definitely warmer when radiators aren’t blocked by by an armchair or sofa
6) Programmable thermostats are great for making sure the heating is turned off when you leave the house and set to come on when you return home
7) Sometimes a simple change such as adding a rug can make the room a lot warmer
8) Turn off the lights when your not in a room, my daughter is a big culprit for leaving the lights on when she leaves a room. It might also be worth switching to energy saving lightbulbs where you can
9) Turn off or turn down radiators in rooms that you don’t use often, adjust radiators in each room accordingly
10) Having thick lined curtains can help prevent draughts from windows and keep heat in
11) Layer up, wear jumpers, socks and slippers around the house. We get cosy in the evenings with warm winter blankets on the sofa so that we don’t have to turn the thermostat up
12) Get cavity wall insulation, there are many government back schemes to help with the costs (sometimes even free)
13) Take a look at purchasing energy efficient electric radiators from somewhere like Electric Radiators Direct, they are a great way of adding heat to rooms without the need for extra expensive plumbing
14) Sometimes it is with comparing energy prices to make sure that you are on the cheapest tariff for you from sites like uSwitch.


  1. Great advice. I remember the cold where we used to be kn gas rationing as mum didnt like to switch the heating on lol. Jumpers socks hot water bottles and cups of tea!!

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