Rom Com Central: Valentine’s Day 2021

valentine's day

It’s fair to say that Valentine’s Day might be a little more uneventful than it usually is. With restaurants, cinemas, and bars closed, it’s likely to be a Sunday in on the sofa, and plenty of channels will be filling their schedules with rom coms galore.

From The Notebook to Mamma Mia, Yesterday and pretty much every Richard Curtis film around, romantic comedies come in all shapes and sizes, but they all tend to follow the same concepts and endure the same scenes.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day and what will be a mammoth day for the genre, popular bingo site Moon Bingo have released a special edition Romantic Film Bingo card for couples or to play across the day.

Valentines Day RomCom Bingo

Rom Com Central: Valentine's Day 2021 1
Valentines Day Bingo by Moon Bingo

It features all of the typical things you’d expect to see in a romantic film, from intriguing secrets and dark pasts to that oh so romantic kiss in the rain and the complexity of a love triangle.

The card features 24 different scenarios found in film, many of which you’ll find in pretty much every romantic comedy going. But what are the squares we’re most likely to be crossing off?

The Love Triangle

There’s always that third wheel in romantic films to add a bit of jeopardy to the equation Sometimes that third wheel is the enemy, sometimes they are the one the protagonist should be with. Either way, good and evil are certainly represented within the old love triangle.

It’s rare you’ll find a movie without it, with even the likes of Star Wars getting involved with Luke, Leia and Han Solo. The Great Gatsby enjoys a pretty iconic love triangle, as well as Mean Girls, Cruel Intentions and, of course, The Notebook.

The Ex Turns Up

In real life are people so obsessed with exes? We don’t think so but Hollywood loves them. There are tons of break up films out there, while the jealous ex appears in plenty of romantic films too, from comedies such as The Wedding Singer to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and more.

Hot Gossip

Overhearing gossip or hearing rumours is such a huge part of the rom com. Love interests are continually getting the wrong end of the stick, particular among younger couples. But, of course, after a huge fallout someone usually comes to the rescue and explains what really happens. And they all lived happily ever after.

Incredible First Dates

We’re all for being inventive on a first date, but the guys and girls in rom coms really do put us to shame with quite breathtaking first dates. With some of them we’d be eating out of the palm of any date’s hand. There’s always a completely unrealistic first date, where the stars align and create a night to remember. Of course, for screenwriters its a great way to move the film on, but we can’t help but feel jealous. Especially when this year it’ll be feet up on the sofa.

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