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We don’t really have much luck with fish and after many failed attempts at fancy aquariums we have finally given up but Isabelle is pretty much obsessed with the water dwelling creatures and spends her visits to the pet shops staring at them. We did contemplate trying again at being fish owners but soon realised it was probably a huge mistake.

Then we heard of these small intelligent techno toys that are packed with the latest technology to replicate the natural movement of fish. Introducing Robo Fish, the lifelike robotic fish.


We had the opportunity to review Robo Fish from the awesome guys at Hawkin’s Bazaar, they sent out the pink coloured fish along with it’s own fish bowl.

Robo Fish was aptly named “Fishy” by the toddler of the household who also demanded that Fishy be set up straight away. Fishy came complete with batteries (plus spares) so he was really simple to set up, a case of filling the bowl with water and away Fishy swam like a majestic creature of the sea. There is no on button or remote control, Fishy has these rather clever sensors, so when put in water he reacts and swims, when he is taken out of water and dries off he stops moving.

There have been a few occasions when Isabelle has tried to feed her new pet, this has resulted in grapes, juice and cake being in the bowl as Fishy swam around but even with all that Fishy carried on swimming like the trooper that he is.


Fishy is about the size of a goldfish and swims around just like the real thing only in our case Fishy would last a lot longer than any goldfish that we have had over the years.

Isabelle has taken Fish to the bathtub before bed, the paddling pool when the weather has permitted and we have even taken him on holiday to play in the swimming pool whilst we all splashed around. Fishy has taken a few knocks and bumps, particularly when left to swim for a a week constantly in the swimming pool on holiday but after replacing the batteries he’s as good as new with just a few scuffs from where he happened to swim inside the pools filter.


There are a variety of fish available so you can build a collection and your very own robotic aquarium which we will be doing for Isabelle. I quite fancy the look of the clown fish and I know Isabelle will be just as excited to. She loves watching Fishy swim around, he provides hours of fun for her, even the cat is a little intrigued by him.


They are the perfect solution for us, they keep Isabelle entertained when she so desperately wants a fish and they give us peace of mind knowing that she isn’t going to injure/kill a real fish and they are no maintenance with the exception of replacing the watch sized batteries occasionally so pretty much zero effort (big bonus for the parents!)

We love having fishy around now, he even entertained my family on holiday, they thought he was a fab idea and quite clever. I quite happily agree, he’s the perfect no mess pet that comes ready to swim straight out of the box.

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  1. Robo Fish rock! You should maybe take the opportunity to point out that there are a whole lot of fakes on the market at the minute mass produced in China. Especially relevant now that a lot of parents will be buying them for kids for Christmas, don’t want any disappointment for Christmas Day!

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