Review–Rug Doctor Spot and Stain Remover

Review–Rug Doctor Spot and Stain Remover 2

Living with pets and a toddler can be a nightmare when it comes to dirt and grime. My toddler being prone to drop and stand on things and the animals just being animals bares a toll on our house. I’m lucky that we have hardwood and laminate floors throughout our house, we removed the carpets just after Isabelle was born. I’m glad that we did this, it makes cleaning easier for us.

What we do have in the rooms are rugs, big beige and light coloured rugs which you can expect get covered in everything. Last week alone my bedroom rug was subjected to a container full of blue children’s bubble bath, a blusher compact and finally a melted and squished in Jaffa cake, all courtesy of my lovely daughter.

Obviously she doesn’t quite understand yet but that doesn’t stop me feeling anxious at the state of my rugs. Cleaning the floors is super easy but the rugs, well I ether have to scrub on my hands and knees for what seems like hours only to make the stains worse or I rent a carpet cleaner for the day which is rather expensive considering the very small amount that I have to clean.


I had tried allsorts of sprays to remove the stains and none so far had had the desired effect so when I was asked to review the Rug Doctor Spot and Stain Remover I jumped at the chance.

Rug Doctor Spot and Stain Remover is designed to remove the most common spots and stains and it can also be used as a pre-treatment to Rug Doctor machine carpet cleaning.

What I also discovered was that the Spot and Stain remover was also suitable to use on upholstery which could only mean one thing, finally I could remove the curry stain from off the arm of my cream sofa. For two years that stain has been taunting me.

Before using the spot and stain remover on a large area I tested a small spot of my bedroom rug to make sure that I didn’t have any problems with colour removal/bleaching of the rug. I highly advise that you test a small area first like me as you could replace that stain with a big white/yellow patch. Luckily the spot and stain remover passed with flying colours.


Following the instructions on the back of the spray bottle, I discovered it was incredibly simple. Just spray the affected area and leave for a couple of minutes. After the minutes are up use a white cloth to first remove the excess and then gently rub in the solution in circles, using a separate cloth wipe the area and repeat until the stain has vanished.



It does what it says on the bottle and the aroma is pleasant, not too overpowering like I have found with other carpet stain removers. I was very impressed with the results, the stains on my bedroom rug have disappeared. I even recommended the spot and stain remover to my family, they were highly impressed that it was able to remove a red wine stain on the hall rug that had been there for three years from a new years eve party. I’m now looking to hire the Rug Doctor Machine to clean the carpet on my stairs after years of foot traffic and I can give my sofa a spritz.

Priced at £2.99 for a 500ml bottle, it doesn’t break the bank and has effective results.

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