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Travelling with children should not be a difficult and daunting task but for some it is.

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The award winning website is here to help and make those trips more enjoyable and worry free.  They stock innovative and really useful products for parents of under 5’s and parents to be.

We were sent the Toddler Backpack with reins along with a box of disposable sterilising bags from Travelling with Children to try.

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Isabelle has just started to take her first steps and hasn’t taken off running like we expected. (A little too ambitious perhaps?)

Knowing that our good friend often struggles with her very speedy toddler when out and about we asked if they would be so kind as to put it to the test.

The mini backpack allows the parent to have complete piece of mind when walking in public areas. It has been awarded the coverted Mother & Baby Gold Award for Best Safety Product 2010/11.
It features a removable lead rein with loop for the parent to hold which can be clipped off in seconds. I was a little worried about how easy it was to remove the lead but when I actually thought about it, I realised that the child would not be able to remove the lead due to the positioning (silly me) This a great feature, the lead can be clipped in place for busy public areas of near busy roads and then be released to allow your toddler to explore and adventure safely by themselves.

The mini pack also features an easy grab handle that can be used in emergencies i.e. near the side of the road, when cyclists go past etc. I love that this allows you to pull the child back without making the child fall backwards.  They are available in a variety of colours including red, blue, green and pink.

It is a very versatile backpack and toys and soothers can be attached easily which is a great idea as my little girl is one for dropping things like most children of her age group.

It is a great sized backpack for a toddler that can hold some really useful items like nappies or wipes, even one of their favourite toys.  We received the red backpack that has a little sheep & pig motif on the back. Both Isabelle and Matthew loved this; it added a little extra fun to the backpack.

The pack will not fall off the child’s shoulders either, as it also straps around the front of the waist for extra security as well as being comfortable. So as well as the backpack being fit for purpose I know that the child will be comfortable and secure in wearing it which is a main concern, I did not want the backpack to leave any red marks on their skin.

Here is what Elaine thought of the product.

“My name is Elaine and I am a single parent. I was asked by Karina to try out the backpack safety harness. In my opinion I think that this product is the best on the market to date.

I have a 2 year old soon called Matthew and he is at the age where he wants to walk everywhere. Matthew is very fast and has to run everywhere so I rely on reins a lot. When we are going out visiting friends or family I find it a bit of a pain carrying round the nappy/baby bag, my own handbag as well as holding the traditional reins to.

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With the backpack safety harness there is no hassle at all. I can put a couple of nappies and his wipes as well as a drink in the backpack. I can even fit my purse in there so there is no need for me to carry a large hand bag.

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Harness & Straps

Obviously we only put small items in there as it’s the child that has to wear it but Matthew loves to wear the backpack harness. It makes him feel like a big boy. When we go to the shops he proudly wears it. It’s a great way of giving them a little bit of independence. He can carry his own toys without dropping them.  He knows exactly where we keep his backpack and when we are getting ready to go out he runs to it and says “I get it” pointing to the table.

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Getting ready to go

I would definitely recommend this product to other parents and even to mothers that are expecting.

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One happy cheeky monkey

I now have control over Matthew when out and about without him being upset about it as they are much more grown up.”

The backpacks are a great idea, Matthew loved wearing his and was comfortable in it. Being easily adjustable to your child’s size they are perfect for those quick growing toddlers. I especially love the reflector on the backpack which can be seen in the dark. I would feel at ease walking with my child during those early dark nights in winter.

Review - Travelling with Children 9

Now for the sterilising bags, I only wish I knew about them sooner. Isabelle is 11 months old and would not need to have her bottles sterilised for much longer. We do a lot of camping during the warmer months and making sure that her bottles were clean and sterile was a nightmare.  These bags would have been great!

They have proven really easy to use and are small enough for travelling with. Such a great idea, there is no need for taking bulky sterilising equipment with you.  The box contains a 7 day supply and each bag lasts for up to 24hours. Each bag can fit 4 standard or 3 wide neck bottles in at a time so you can sterilise more than one bottle at a time. They are safe to use with even foreign water and come complete with easy to understand instructions.

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