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Isabelle is a dribbler and soaks through the front of her clothes, even when we have used bibs on her the dribble has managed to get under her chin and down her neck and when she was bottle fed there was always milk dribble and quite often sick that would irritate her neck and get trapped between her chubby baby neck folds. Not only did it cause an irritable rash but it also causes that awful sour milk/cheese smell under her chin.

We were kindly given a Skibz Bandana bib for us to review. On receiving our Skibz bib I was delighted as to how cute and funky it looked, we were sent the Pale Pink Spot design. They have a big selection of colours and patterns, from animal prints to floral designs so the variety is great.  The bib felt really soft but not a fluffy kind of soft, it was gentle to the skin.

The Skibz are a bandana style bib with a clever ruching design under the chin that catches everything whilst the bandana-style means that it isn’t bulky for Isabelle to wear so it will not get in her way.

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With a popper fastener that fastens at the back of the neck it makes it near impossible for the child to remove themselves unlike the Velcro fastenings of conventional bibs (Isabelle still hasn’t managed this) You can change the tightness of the bibs as there are two popper settings, this makes them an ideal product that can be used from birth and it will last the child until the bib is no longer needed.

They are lined so this provides extra security that the clothes will remain dry underneath, this was put to the test by Isabelle who is a serial dribbler due to her prolonged period of teething.  She wore the bib all day and remained dry underneath! No more having to change dribble soaked tops 3 times a day.

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The main thing is that Isabelle was comfortable wearing the bib, even when moving around a lot it did not leave any marks on her skin and she was happy to wear it when she would usually start pulling at a bib after half an hour.

The bibs look great on and I have had lots of positive comments from people when we have been out and about with Isabelle. The bibs complement the child’s clothes rather than hiding them under bigger and bulkier bibs. I love the designs myself, they are colourful and eye-catching.

They are a bit pricey at £10 but they are built to last and very absorbent to draw in moisture from your child’s skin. They are machine washable up to 60 which is great for when you need to get those messy eating stains out of them. They wash well and it has not bobbled in the slightest,  still looking perfectly new.

I love the Skibz Bibs so much that I am now off shopping for more. My only problem is that I am finding it difficult to decide on what designs I should get.

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