Review – Schwarzkopf Essensity Intense Repair Mask

schwarzkopf essensity intense repair mask

The lovely people at Schwarzkopf have sent us the Essensity Repair Mask to review. The rich cream is a treatment for extreme damaged, bleached and highlighted hair. Enriched with the Organic essence of Goji Berry which are bursting with vitamins and minerals which provide a deep intense care and repair for damaged hair and also the essence of natural soya protein.   It smoothes the cuticles and increases the resistance of your hair. The cream is developed to repair properties to porous hair whilst strengthening the internal and external   structure resulting in healthy looking hair.

schwarzkopf essensity intense repair mask

Now being a new mummy my hair has taken a bit of a back seat with regards to pampering and basically making sure it looks good. My once groomed locks are now tied back in the mornings with little effort and the only care they receive is when I wash my hair. I haven’t been so careless as not to condition my hair but that’s the extent of my hair care at the moment. This lack of hair care has taken its toll, probably starting with pregnancy. I was the lady that never got that lovely glossy shine that women are said to get when they are pregnant. My hair did not go any thicker, in fact it seemed bedraggled. When Isabelle was born I thought that my hair would return to normal, little did I know that post baby your hair starts to fall out. Imagine my surprise when Isabelle reached the age of two months and I was maulting like a German Shepard, not just the odd few hairs; these were quite substantial clumps and in my paranoia I was certain I could feel my hair getting thinner by the day. I was never so thankful when my hair stopped falling out, I had visions of baldness.  This sadly didn’t change my ways, how could it? I have very mischievous mobile baby to contend with so it’s considered a luxury if my shower last more than 5 minutes.

My hair needs some love and some help, the split ends are a cry for help.

I was delighted to receive a possible answer to my hair prayers in the form of the Essensity Repair Mask. I couldn’t wait for AJ to get home so I could test it out.

After following my usual shower regime it was time to apply the repair mask. The smell from the tub was surprising and not what I had expected.  To me it had the smell of a lemon/lime sherbet to which I wasn’t disappointed.  The Repair mask was left on my hair for  5 minutes as directed (it’s actually 5 -10 minutes but I was short on time) As the cream only has to be applied once a week the extra few minutes in the shower for it to work its magic is worth it.

After the 5 minutes were up I rinsed out the mask and noticed that it didn’t leave my hair feeling slimy like I have noticed when I rinse out other conditioning treatments. It felt rather smooth.

I found my hair was easy to style after (yes I even took the time to style my hair so I could see the results sooner) and my hair didn’t feel heavy and it just felt nourished and soft. The best part of all my hair smelt lovely even after a day ( a day of baby dinners and playing) and my hair is shiny, very shiny!!!

Would I continue to use this? Yes I definitely would,  I love having shiny hair again even though it is a little pricey at £9 – £11. No longer shall it be neglected from conditioning treatments.

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