Review – Rocket Fuel Hot Chocolate

Rocket Fuel Self Heating Hot Choc

Being busy parents with little time, we love convenience and anything that  makes our lives easier.

Rocket Fuel Self Heating Hot Choc

We were offered the Rocket Fuel Energy drink to try. These are no ordinary energy drinks, they are self heating drinks of coffee or hot chocolate that come in a 200ml recyclable container.

“Powered by the natural stimulant Guarana, which has energized Amazonian tribes for centuries, Rocket Fuel Self-Heating Energy Cups are designed to deliver a high-octane energy boost wherever and whenever it is needed.”  I’m not usually a big fan of energy drinks but a little pick me up during the day would be lovely and since I do not like Coffee the Hot Chocolate Rocket Fuel was an ideal option.

These self heating cups require no fuss, no items to add and no kettle to boil. They work by generating a small thermal reaction between the inner and outer packaging. This is activated by clicking the base of the cup and shaking the can.  The heating process takes only 3 minutes and the contents can remain hot for up to 20 minutes.

My partner loves anything scientific so this drink made him rather excited. He put it to the test after carefully reading the instructions. He sat and waiting for the cup to get up to temperature, this he had to time to made sure that it was actually hot 3 minutes. Impressively it was up to temperature in just under three minutes and was just like the temperature of a hot coffee that you would make yourself.

Passing part one of the test with flying colours it was onto part two. The all important taste test. I have found some hot chocolates to be lacking in flavour and not chocolatey in the slightest which is no good for a chocoholic like me.  The Rocket Fuel appeared to have a thicker consistency and quite a chocolatey smell and then came the taste of a rich tasty hot chocolate. We had to fight for the last bit

Not much more expensive than the alternative energy soft drink and less expensive than the equivalent sized coffee shop coffee. It’s a great product for those that do not like coffee, for those that would like the convenience of having a hot drink on the go and also for those looking for an extra energy boost.

The cups are available now from Sainsbury’s, and independent retailers nationwide priced from £2.49

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