Review – Nuby Nibbler Fresh Food Feeder

Review - Nuby Nibbler Fresh Food Feeder 2

With our weaning process well under way we were finding it increasing difficult with certain finger foods like chopped up banana and strawberries. Although Isabelle has developed her pincer grip she could not keep hold of the slippery fruit during the early weaning days which was not only frustrating for her but creating a big mess for me. Then we heard about the Nuby Nibbler, a parent at my local baby group had been using one to feed her daughter those items that she was worried her daughter would choke on like grapes etc.

Review - Nuby Nibbler Fresh Food Feeder 3

What a great idea these are, not breaking the bank at £4 (Tesco) we invested in one immediately and I must say it resolved Isabelle’s food frustration as she was able to keep a tight grip on the handle whilst sucking and biting the contents out of the net. The Nibblers are available in a variety of attractive colours, we opted for the pink/purple combination to match her feeding bowls and spoons at the time.

After a few days of use we realised the we could also put frozen fruits in the feeder which then doubled up as an excellent teether that kept her entertained longer than average teethers.

Cleaning the feeder is not so straight forward as the net collects alot of food debris (especially with bananas) which is hard to remove just from general washing but we did find a solution to this, we put it in the washing machine/dishwasher and it cleaned the net perfectly. The rest of the feeder is very simple to clean and put back together.

This is definitely an item that I would recommend to all parents, once the need to feed through the nibbler is over you still get more value for your money as it doubles up as a teether with frozen items.

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