Review – Mookie Scramble Bug

Review - Mookie Scramble Bug 2

The lovely people at Mookie have sent us the Scramble Bug to review.

Scramble Bug Logo

The Scramble Bug is a ride on toy designed for children aged 1-3 (or 20kgs/40lbs). It comes in a variety of funky colours so there is a bright colour to suit everyone’s taste.

Scramble Bug ImageScramble Bug ImageScramble Bug Image

We were sent the colourful green/yellow Scramble Bug and it looked even better in person than what we had seen in pictures. The Scramble Bug even has a cute little face which was an instant hit with Isabelle.

Scramble Bug

I was very relieved when we opened the box to find out that there was no assembly required so there was no fuss and could be played with straight out of the box.  The Scramble Bug arrived in its fold down position (yes it’s a ride on that actually folds down!!) and Isabelle was keen to inspect whilst I looked at the information insert. I found it was very easy to unfold it and set it up for use.  The front legs and handle bars tuck underneath when folded with the ease of just pressing of pulling a lever underneath so that it locks into place. The back legs are just as easy to open out it was a case of pulling the leg and then twisting until it also locked into place….simples.  Having the feature of folding down means that the Scramble Bug is easy to store out of the way. A bonus is that I can also fit it in my car boot as well as the pram and the changing bag.
All four wheels are castor wheels so they all turn 360 so it has total freedom of movement so it’s great for little ones especially if they often get stuck in places when on other wheel based toys. This also means that than maneuverability of the Scramble bug is great and can easily get around the tightest of corners. Since there are no pedals it can get around great and being 4 wheel based makes it very sturdy.

The manufacturers have said that the Scramble Bug makes an excellent transition from baby walker to ride on and I completely agree. Isabelle is at the stage now where she is cruising and attempting to stand up without holding on to anything (we have also discovered she is very good at climbing) so the Scramble Bug will allow her to travel around whilst standing. By using the Scramble bug it will allow Isabelle to develop her core motor skills and also improve her balance. Whilst using her feet to push herself along will definitely help prepare her coordination especially with her legs/feet which will help her in the long run when learning to walk. So not only are they fun but they are great for the child’s development. The Scramble Bug also helps to develop the necessary pushing and steering skills to ride the next stage of tricycles and bikes.

Weighing only 2.5kgs the Scramble Bug is lightweight for you to carry and even your child to. Being light weight it is also great for travelling and even trips to the park; the best part is that it makes minimal noise as it glides around.

Scamble Bug

I was very surprised as how robust the Scramble bug is and was very sturdy so my wobbly little girl even seemed confident to push herself along.  She is only 10 months so it is quite alarming that she was able to use the Scramble Bug. Its safe to say that she loves it and goes straight to it when she enters the living room in the morning.

Scamble Bug

It is perfect for indoor and outdoor riding with no problems at all. We have wooden floors throughout the house but we have tested it on carpeted floors; the best part is that it makes minimal noise as it glides around.

Isabelle can dismount the Scramble Bug without toppling over but she does require a little assistance when getting on to it but that is due to her age.

I would definitely recommend this as a first ride on toy!

RRP of £39.99

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