Review – Miamoo Infant Skincare

Review - Miamoo Infant Skincare 2

Review - Miamoo Infant Skincare 3

I truly love skincare products but I am very wary about the products that I use for Isabelle. I don’t want to harm or irritate her skin in any. We were asked to review some of the products from the Miamoo range and after a quick bit of research I was willing to give it a go.

Review - Miamoo Infant Skincare 4

Were sent the Baba Oil, Huggy Lotion, Splashy Wash and Cheeky Cream to try.

Isabelle has very sensitive skin just like me and is prone to rashes and skin break outs. Combined with her eczema it’s very difficult to find products that agree with her and being a busy mum I often don’t have time to look around at the many products available.

When we received our products to test we discovered that they do not contain any harsh chemicals so would be kind to her delicate skin.  In fact they do not contain any of the following

Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Colours
Sodium Lauryl Sulphates
Sodium Hydroxide

Miamoo are currently running the KISS Campaign (Keep Infant Skincare Simple).  They want to remove unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals out of baby skincare products. They are positively passionate about infant skincare and preventing dry skin, this shines through when you use their products. They are even winners of the Loved By Parents Best Baby Care Products 2011 award.

Started by a dedicated parent, Saira to help other parents and care for our children’s skin. With Sairas own experience of dry skin and love for lotions helped with her idea, she was going to launch her own natural range of products for babies and make them available to other parents to buy. Saira decided to name her business Miamoo after her own niece Miya (Miyamoo) and it has truly taken off from there.

Before using the products Miamoo recommend that a small allergy test on baby’s arm is carried out before products are used all over the body, just to be on the safe side. After testing on Isabelle for 24 hours it was clear that she had no reaction to any of the products so we could continue on with our review.

Review - Miamoo Infant Skincare 5

Wash – We started with the Splashy Wash which is a gentle no tears bubble bath/wash .  We only used a small amount when running Isabelle’s bath and I was instantly impressed with the smell. It has a citrus fragrance but not overly powerful. Isabelle loved the soft bubbly foam that it created (and there were lots of them!) The splashy wash is also for use on the body & hair so instead of Isabelle’s usual body wash I used this, it left her skin very soft and I loved the smell of it. I could still smell the Splashy Wash the next morning even after her night of sweating. Containing  soya bean extract, jojoba extract, silk and chamomile extract I know her skin is being looked after with the added benefit of being a fun bath time of bubbly fun for Isabelle. Admittedly I even used the product on myself but shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

Review - Miamoo Infant Skincare 6

Massage – After drying her off the next product for us to try was the lovely Baba Oil. Infused with lavender sweet almond oil and sesame seed oil there is no doubt that it smells amazing. It is designed moisturise, soothe and soften delicate skin and indeed it did. We used it all over Isabelle, her body, face and even scalp as she is still prone to the odd bit of cradle cap. It’s an amazing product and can be used for a nice winding down calming massage; it can be added to the bath for an intensive moisturising bath and also massaged into the cheeks of teething babies to help the skin from drying out. I couldn’t get enough of this product

Review - Miamoo Infant Skincare 7

Moisturise – Before we put her to bed we applied the Huggy Lotion. This is a non-greasy lotion that is easily absorbed into the skin. Again I could not fault the fragrance, crammed with sweet almond oil and marshmallow extract it was simply lovely. It was an excellent moisturiser for Isabelle and her skin still felt soft not in the slightest dry in the morning. It complimented the Baba oil and Splashy Wash perfectly.

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Protect – Our final product was the Cheeky Cream. This cream is a thick barrier cream to help prevent nappy rash and sore irritated skin. Again a lovely smelling cream enriched with sweet almond oil, shea butter and coco butter. Using the active ingredients of Zinc Oxide and beeswax to ensure a water proof barrier and keep the skin free from irritation. Isabelle suffers from nappy rash quite regularly and our normal creams don’t really keep her rash free. Even when using as a daily barrier cream so I was delighted when Isabelle’s rash started to clear up on using the Cheek Cream. After 3 days of use her little bottom had cleared up completely and with continuous use it has kept her skin rash free. It’s very easy to use, simply gently apply to dry skin, there is no need to rub the cream in completely. It is now one of my nappy bag essentials and I use it with every nappy change. I would now be lost without it.

Since using these products I have continued to use them every day as part of our routine and  I have noticed a huge difference in her skin. She once had a dry patch on her shoulder which has now cleared using these products. I do not plan on going back to our previous products.

Miamoo have lots more lovely products available which you can see on their website. As well as their products they also provide some useful information on skin care and preventing dry skin. You can purchase directly from their website and also from Boots. Priced at £6 each for all items (except the Baba Oil which is £8) they are quite reasonable.

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