Review – MAM Trainer Cup 6 months +

Review - MAM Trainer Cup 6 months + 2

The lovely people at MAM UK have sent us the MAM Trainer Cup to put to the test.

Review - MAM Trainer Cup 6 months + 3

MAM Trainer Cup

I was most excited about receiving this product as Isabelle has always had issues about how she takes her fluids. We have had a very long battle to get her to use anything other than a size one slow flow teat. We have had tears, splutters, coughing and even choking when using anything other than those teats. When she was nearing five months we decided to hatch a plan to finally move her over and persevere with it as she had to get used to it?

We were wrong every teat we tried was making feeding times an unpleasant experience, we were almost at the stage of giving up but had heard of the MAM Anti-colic bottles. Our last resort turned out to be our saving grace, they work. We would be able to introduce sippy cups finally.

Isabelle can cope with the sippy cups but still takes in too much which results in her soaking herself in juice or water. Not really a big issue as at least she was now willing to consider a cup rather than a bottle so it was a small price to pay.

Now the MAM Trainer cup could be the answer to my prayers and put an end to the drinking drama and multiple changes of clothes as a result of soaking herself.

The MAM Trainer Cup is non spill and has a soft spout perfect for the transition from bottle to sippy cup. We put this to the test straight away as we had purchased “non spill cups” before only to find that they leak and they do in fact spill with a very active baby. After a vigorous shaking and spinning around I could not get the cup to spill a drop,straight away it had passed its first test.

Then came the Isabelle test, would she have problems with the flow like other cups? On passing it to her she was a little unsure of the spout as it is more bottle like than the cups that we had been thrusting upon her, it didn’t take her long to realise what she was supposed to be doing. I was rather surprised that we had not had a single cough or splutter from her and even better there was no sign of any wet patches on her front from taking in to much to drink. Oh I was very impressed

Not only did the cup prove that it was the ideal transition from bottle but it looked great to with a cute little design and level indicator. The little handles were in a great position for her to hold herself and she soon learnt to crawl and carry it with her at the same time. What I love about it is that the handles are interchangeable with the mam bottles so I could use them on bottles of any size.

As Isabelle is teething quite heavily the soft spout has actually helped and she can easily chew on it and use it quite comfortably. She was aso able to test the durability and again the claim that the cup was spill proof, we don’t call Isabelle Hurricane Izzy for nothing, she had thrown it, dropped it, bashed it off things and it still hadn’t spilt a drop for us.

She now demands her cup and has to have a filled one with her at all times (for a 9 month old she is rather bossy). She no longer has stains on her clothes or even wet clothes from drinking.

I would highly recommend this cup to anyone and only wish that I had purchased one myself one sooner than having to go through months of having a frustrated baby.

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  1. Great review. ALL the sippy/trainer cups in France leak! In the US, this was hardly a problem. I am going to buy a MAM trainer cup now.

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