Review – MAM Learn to Brush Set

Review - MAM Learn to Brush Set 2

The lovely people at MAM UK have sent us the MAM Learn to Brush set to review. This set includes the Training Brush with an extra long handle to allow the parent and baby to brush the child’s teeth together and the First Brush which allows the baby to practice brushing independently. The brushes are suitable from 6 Months + which helps promote good oral hygiene from an early age.

When we first received this set Isabelle did not have a single tooth but it was useful to start with to get her used to holding a tooth brush. We were sent the lovely pink colour but they are also available in blue and green.

Review - MAM Learn to Brush Set 3 When I received these brushes I was rather intrigued by the white clip but on reading the information leaflet I soon discovered that this was a guard. A guard to keep a safe distance and  prevent the child putting the brush too far into the back of their mouths. This clip was easily added and easy to remove but not for little hands which is great because Isabelle was unable to remove it even after a good ten minute investigation.

Review - MAM Learn to Brush Set 4

Isabelle being Isabelle was rather impatient to see what I had for her and she was quick to snatch it from me. With the ergonomic handle she was able to grip the handle, they are perfectly designed for little hands. Isabelle explored the two separate ends on the training brush the massaging end was an instant hit and we soon found out that it was great for applying teething and she would chew on the end running it along her gums. We now have Isabelle in a routine when it comes to using her toothbrush and we always use it when we brush her hair in the mornings and when she goes to bed at night. The other end of the brush has soft bristles which are kind to sore teething gums, we have found other baby brushes to be a little harsher and she is less willing to use them. The great thing about the training brush is that Isabelle does not get bored when using it and she does not squirm away as she is able to switch between the two ends. The brush is quite long and the reason behind this is that parents can help guide the brush around the babies mouth, this was great for Isabelle as she is rather independent and doesn’t like it when you try to help her but as this brush is long she can still hold it and enjoys it when we brush her teeth together. We could not achieve this when we had used smaller brushes.

Review - MAM Learn to Brush Set 5

Each time we use the brush we put the guard on and the design works perfectly, Isabelle has not caused herself to gag once which usually happens when she puts objects into her mouth. The guard prevented her from pushing the brush too far into the back of her mouth.

I cannot wait for Isabelle to start using the smaller First Brush when more of her teeth come through.

Yet again another great product from MAM UK



Review - MAM Learn to Brush Set 6

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