Review – Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature

Review - Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature 2

Having sensitive skin we are always looking for products that will be kind to our skin with no harsh chemicals that would irritate us, Isabelle especially. We are very cautious about the products that we use on Isabelle.  When it comes to wipes for her most sensitive areas we get unscented and as natural as possible.

Review - Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature 3

Recently we were asked to review the Kinder By Nature wipes from Jackson Reece and upon reading about them we were eager to put them to the test.

Jackson Reece wipes are natural healthier alternative which uses a unique herbal formula to sooth and protect the babies skin against the common skin irritations like nappy rash and eczema.

Free from the following harsh ingredients


  • Parabens
  • SodiumLauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Lanolin
  • Phthalates
  • (MIT) Methylisothiazolinone
  • Triclosan
  • Propylene glycol
  • Petro Chemicals
  • Benzoates
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Alcohol

Not only are they kind to the skin they are kind to the environment too. All  Jackson Reece wipes are bio-degradable and their packs are completely bio-degradable too.  Upto 99% of the ingredients in Jackson Reece wipes are derived from plant or vegetable extracts so no harsh extras.

Review - Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature 4

We were sent three different packs to review, unscented natural baby wipes, natural herbal baby wipes and natural flushable wipes. Now although we use disposable nappies we are aware of the impact that a baby makes on the environment and try to help in any way that we can. The idea of degradable baby wipes was highly appealing and being dermatologically and hypoallergenic approved they seemed ideal. Everything about them seems so fresh and natural!

On first sight I  thought the  green packaging was very vibrant and refreshing
The lack of chemicals in favour of ‘nothing’ on the unscented variety and ‘Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera and Lavender oil’ on the herbal pack really appealed to us.

I usually use twice as many wipes as I need when using cheaper wipes especially when we have a stinky nappy to contend with  but we didn’t have that problem with these wipes as the wipes themselves are much thicker than the wipes we normally use and I found they lasted so much longer and remained moist, even when we got to the ones right down at the bottom of the pack. The scent of the herbal wipes was lovely using aloe Vera to heal and cool the skin, organic Tea Tree Oil which is antibacterial and organic lavender aromatherapy oil which is soothing and calming.The scent is not overbearing but still quite evident. The natural cloths are really moist and contain High Purity Water.

Review - Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature 5

They were great on Isabelle’s skin, they left her feeling soft and smooth. Even the kindest of wipes that I had used before had often failed to keep her skin free from rashes and the sort.
We were also sent the natural flushable wipes, wipes that you can actually flush without causing plumbing problems. They come in a smaller version of the larger packs so they are ideal for when out and about n conveniently sized they are perfect to fit in the changing bag or even handbag. Even being flushable they do not lack the quality of the larger wipes being just as thick and moist.
The wipes have disclosed the information of every ingredient in the pack showing a real honest approach about caring for our babies skin and also the environment.
As well as being excellent quality, you are also safe in the knowledge that the products have not been tested on animals

With an RRP £1.98 for a 72 wipe pack and £1 for a pack of 10 flushable wipes they are the same price if not cheaper than the leading brands.

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