Review – Honey Monster Spooky Puffs

Honey Monster Spooky Puffs

It’s that time of the year again when Autumn starts to set in and the children are out in force Trick or Treating for the frightfully fun holiday Halloween.

We received a box of Honey Monster Spooky Puffs to review and for our family to enjoy. Usually we wouldn’t choose a sweet breakfast cereal as I’m not really one for eating sweet breakfasts and Isabelle has only been fully weaned for a month and we keep her sugar intake to minimum. My partner on the other hand is a lover of breakfast cereal aimed at children and Sugar Puffs had been an early childhood favourite of mine so we jumped at the chance to review a new flavour.

To get into the spirit of things the Spooky Puffs have been released as a limited edition cereal for Halloween.

Honey Monster Spooky PuffsThis is the second time that the Spooky Puffs have made their limited addition appearance due to their popular demand last year but this time they have a flavour twist, they are the usual wheat Honey Monster puffs but these limited edition puffs have been glazed with a Toffee Apple flavoured syrup. Now we love toffee apples so even though it seems a little odd of a combination to have the flavour added to a breakfast cereal we were very intrigued.

As you can see from the packaging its very colourful and inviting for children and by using the Honey Monster on the box makes it instantly recognisable to children. This is great if you have a fussy child or a child that knows what they like.

When they arrived we jumped straight at the chance to open them, we noticed that they still had the Sugar Puffs aroma so we weren’t expecting the toffee apple glaze to be a strong flavour. We were wrong, whilst they tasted like Sugar Puffs there was a very distinct taste of apple even after you had eaten the puff. The apple flavour was not too overpowering and surprisingly they are not too sweet or any sweeter than the old favourite Sugar Puffs

My partner AJ specified that I bag him up a portion so that he could take to work the next day (he really is a big child at heart) and even Isabelle got in on the action having a handful to eat in a bowl to snack on. She has certainly approved and they actually kept her quiet whilst she ate them which is a rare thing for Isabelle.

Honey Monster Spooky Puffs
Spooky Puffs
I love that they are advertised as having”no artificial anything”  as well as being Low in fat an also a good source of fibre which is great for your little ones. My only issue was that although the information on the box explains all of the fat/salt levels, it does not mention the amount of sugar content (but they are listed in the ingredients, just not the percentage or amount)

Not the healthiest option but they sure are a treat, we would buy them to use for snacking to curb our sweet cravings instead of eating chocolate, sweets and biscuits.


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