Review – Ellas Kitchen – Cheesy Pie (Stage 2)

Review - Ellas Kitchen - Cheesy Pie (Stage 2) 2

Isabelle has been a big fan of the Ellas Kitchen products since we started the weaning process and although we do a mixture of baby led weaning and traditional weaning  she has enjoyed trying the various flavours available in the Ellas Ranges. It is safe to say that she has liked every pouch in the baby food range that she has tried and as far as baby food goes these were really flavoursome (I’m a mummy so I try everything that my baby tries). I must say they have never been bland and the flavour combinations work well together. Isabelle has used the Ellas Kitchen pouches since the early days of weaning so from stage 1 and she continues to enjoy the pouches for stage 2 (7 months +) and stage 3 (10 months +) although she is only 8 months she has never had any problems with the consistency of the food even in the stage 3 pouches which surprised me the most. So when we were given the the opportunity to try the new range of flavours we jumped at the chance, Ellas Kitchen did not disappoint.

Review - Ellas Kitchen - Cheesy Pie (Stage 2) 3


From the start the packaging was extremely colourful and immediately caught my eye. Using the same appealing design as the other items they have manged to capture everything that I look for when buying baby food making it easy to find the ideal meals for Isabelle. The bright packaging clearly displays everything that a parent needs to know 100% organic produce (how can you go wrong there?) and the ingredients. I know that with the Ellas range there are no additives, no added colours and no preservatives in the food, this is their promise.  Again the Ellas range makes it very easy to choose what to buy, I know that the Cheesy Pie comes in an orange pouch, and Strawberries and Apples comes in a red pouch etc, this saves me a lot of time looking for her meals. I don’t have to look on the small text on other brands in Jars, Ellas Kitchen uses big bold lettering cross the front of their packaging, again making meal times and selecting food so much easier.

Upon opening the pouch I could smell the mixed herbs which actually smelt appealing to me and at this point Isabelle was very excited about lunch time. I chose to warm the food in a bowl before giving it to her but I am positive that it would also be just as good served at room temperature. Isabelle took no hesitation when presented with the spoon and made her noises of approval by quickly prompting me to reload the spoon. She could not get it in fast enough and I don’t blame her, it tasted great and very much like a cheese pie with vegetables.

With her Cheesy Pie pouch she was also supplied with her other lunch items of bread, vegetables and fruit but I have all the confidence to know that Isabelle would have received a nutritional meal if she was to just eat the pouch on its own. Since we provided other items for her we did not use the full pouch but luckily to the cleverly designed packaging we were able to put the lid back onto the pouch and store it in the fridge for the next meal.

The pouches are very convenient to store and open, they take up very little room so I can take them out in my bag when they leave the house. As an added bonus I can feed Isabelle from the pouch meaning I don’t have to get out a bowl, again very useful when away from home.

All in all another great product from Ellas Kitchen. I will be sure to add these to our shopping list again.

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