Review – Dycem Non Slip Animal Mats

Review - Dycem Non Slip Animal Mats 2

When asked if we would like to review the Dycem non slip animal mats I jumped at the chance as feeding times with Isabelle are always filled with mess and flying bowls.

Review - Dycem Non Slip Animal Mats 3

The award winning Dycem non slip animal mats are a multipurpose adhesive free mat designed to help at meal times, learning and play times.

Review - Dycem Non Slip Animal Mats 4

They are available in two animal shapes Hippo and Tortoise in a variety of colours. They help to stabilise objects by holding them firmly in place and provide a better grip on surfaces.

We were sent the Hippo Animal mats in red, yellow and blue.

Review - Dycem Non Slip Animal Mats 5

Isabelle is now fine tuning her major and minor motor skills so tends to be a little a little forceful with her movements especially when excited (feeding being one of those times) This causes her to know her bowl around when reaching for food, sometimes to the extreme of it going on the floor. Hopefully the Dycem non slip animal at will stop this happening.

The bright colours and animal shape are appealing to little children and Isabelle appeared t be fascinated with hers, even long enough for me to get the food in her bowl an onto the highchair tray without a hissy fit (this usually happens as mummy is not quick enough at providing her food)

I was shocked at how well it actually grips, I couldn’t even push it along her highchair tray myself. No matter how hard I tried to move it, it would not budge. I could only move it into the correct position if I peeled it off the tray and repositioned it that way.

Review - Dycem Non Slip Animal Mats 6

Now the big test came when I placed Isabelle’s bowl down. Would the mat be fit for purpose once the feeding frenzy had begun?
The mat is a great size and will easily fit into her highchair tray and it can even be placed in her nappy bag for when we eat out.  Now using a spork for her meals she was able to chase food around her bowl without the bowl flying off in all directions. The only time that the bowl ends up on the floor now is if it is empty.  Priced at around £8 it’s a great purchase, not much more than any other toddler placemat you would buy but this one has the added benefit of keeping the bowls in place whilst eating.

They are also great for using at play times to keep toys in place; I look forward to using the mat with Isabelle at play times when she is a little bigger.

Not only does it work but it is also reusable and very easy to clean with just a little warm soapy water.

We use a different colour for each meal now and there is less mess for me to clean up afterwards which is always a bonus.

For us we give this item big thumbs up!

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