Review – Bumbo Baby Sitter & Tray

Review - Bumbo Baby Sitter & Tray 2

I had heard mixed reviews about the Bumbo seat but when Isabelle was no longer happy with being seated in  her bouncer chair and wanted to sit up straight we decided to give it a go.

The Bumbo is available in a variety of colours,. we opted for a nice turquoise and white tray.

Review - Bumbo Baby Sitter & Tray 3

Isabelle - 7 Months


Review - Bumbo Baby Sitter & Tray 4

Isabelle - 5 Months

Isabelle is a very determined child and was wanting to sit up so when she could support her own head the Bumbo was an ideal solution. It appears to be comfortable as she is happy to sit in it during meal times and when watching Mickey Mouse or even playing with her toys and was very supportive. There are no straps to mess around with but due to the design feature the baby cannot fall out as the baby’s own body weight helps to slightly narrow the gap above the legs, which gently keeps your baby in place. Even now at 8 months she is alot bigger than when we started to use it she still fits in comfortably with the seat attached but she is a little smaller than average. It has become our chosen feeding seat for breakfast and lunch times providing plenty of space for her bowl and a sippy cup (when she is not throwing them around)
The size is great  and with it being made from a light weight material it is very easy to transport and small enough to be convenient for travelling by car. I have recently taken this camping with us and it was a godsend for keeping her out of trouble and also when taking her out for food.

One of the main reasons why I love the Bumbo is that it is very easy to clean and from my experience does not stain even with the most colourful of foods (spaghetti bolognese being one of them) I simply wipe it clean after use from sticky hands.

The seat itself is very sturdy and secure with no detachable parts other than the optional tray. I did find that when I started to use the Bumbo that Isabelle was able to remove the tray but this was actually user error and hadn’t attached the tray securely. When in the bumbo I was sceptical about Isabelle being able to tip it over using her weight but so far we have only had her rocking in it, but this has only started in the past week or so. It has remained upright no matter how hard she tries. we have tested the Bumbo seat and it does not slide across surfaces which is great as we have found that now Isabelle is bigger her feet reach the floor and she tried to push back but the Bumbo remains securely in its place.

At 8 months Isabelle still has lots of  use to go out of the Bumbo but I do know others that have grown out of it at this stage. It entirely depends on the size of the baby, I know that Isabelle’s legs and thighs are beginning to chunky up but I am hoping we have another 3 months left in it yet. (If Ido I shall update this post)

The Bumbo seat is a little on the pricey side, we paid £20 (and that was cheap) usually retailing between£29.99-£40 for the seat itself and then £9.99 – £19.99 for the tray. Knowing what I do now nd it being used 3-4 times a day I would definitely pay the full price, we couldn’t live without it.

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