Review – Bright Starts Put and Take Purse

Review - Bright Starts Put and Take Purse 2

We were asked to review the Bright Starts Put and Take Purse and being a bag lover myself who was I to say no to my little girl having her own play bag?

Review - Bright Starts Put and Take Purse 3

Isabelle is now at a stage where she likes to put things in boxes, cups, anything she can get her little hands on really. She has hours of fun emptying her Changing bag and Changing box as well as cupboards.

When the Put and Take Purse arrived, I instantly loved its cuteness and Isabelle being her nosey self was straight over to investigate. She wanted to know what the post man had brought her today. With a little help from Isabelle we managed to get it out of the box ready to investigate.

Review - Bright Starts Put and Take Purse 4

Firstly the Put and Take purse has a large carry handle perfect for those little hands to hold without fumbling around and great for taking for carrying around for those babies that are on the go!

Review - Bright Starts Put and Take Purse 5
The Put and Take Purse comes complete with 5 accessories, just like mummy the purse has crinkle play money, and a heart shaped mirror, a small purple mobile phone and a key with a cute heart detail.

Review - Bright Starts Put and Take Purse 6

The bag itself is a great size and will allow your child to route around inside for the contents without getting frustrated at things falling out.

The Mobile phone has little blue buttons that can be pressed but do not make and responsive sounds and it also has rattle beads inside for that noise factor that young children love.

There are two pieces of crinkle money which Isabelle has enjoyed, squishing, folding and even chewing. It’s even been put through the letter box (I think she might be slightly confused there)

The accessory key can be used as a teething toy with the grooves helping to soothe irritable gums.

Review - Bright Starts Put and Take Purse 7

Isabelle loved the heart shaped mirror because she can see herself in it and also the cat much to her amusement.

Review - Bright Starts Put and Take Purse 8

The bag itself has a bright pink bow on the front that chimes when pressed; this is a lovely little feature. When pressed it never fails to make Isabelle make her impressed “ooooh” noise.

Isabelle loves her bag, although I don’t think she sees it as a bag just yet. She loves to take the accessories out and put them back in with any other item that is within her reach (we’ve had remote controls in there and socks too.) The handle allows her to carry it around from room to room and being light weight it doesn’t cause any problems.

Review - Bright Starts Put and Take Purse 9

As the bag is made from a hard plastic it’s very easy to clean, just a simple wipe with a damp cloth usually does the trick for us even for that squashed in banana that we find after breakfast.

Isabelle has never been frustrated with getting items out of the bag again due to large opening, she can clearly see into the bag and easily pull out what she wants.

The bag has had a lot of use since we received it and as well as it looking as good as new, the fun has not worn off for her.

Starting from £12.99 and avialable to purchase from Amazon

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