Red Hot World Buffet Spook-tacular

Red Hot World Buffet Spook-tacular 2

Today we were invited to attend one of the many of events that the Red Hot World Buffet throw and as you may have guessed from the title, this event was Halloween themed. Families were invited to take part in the workshops to create their perfect Halloween party. Gaining tips and trick on creating those devilish desserts and creepy cocktails at Red Hot World Buffet Locations across the UK.


I attended the event at the Manchester branch along with my little munchkin and an old friend, Ashley after a disastrous morning which led us to be fashionably late to the event. I wasn’t sure what to expect but had thoughts of a banquet of sweets, fruits and cakes and I wasn’t far off.  On display before me was a huge table covered in assorted sweets, cakes, decorating materials…it was quite like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factor so I was very eager to get stuck in.

I should mention that the event actively encouraged dress so not wanting to let the side down, Isabelle was quickly changed into her fabulous costume on arrival transforming her into none other that the masterful wise Yoda. She was rather convincing

Anyway back to the event, they had catered for children by providing an abundance of balloons on sticks which proved very popular with the children. Yoda was rather impressed with them and sought to pull out every single balloon that she could find.


The time soon came to kick start the main event, the tasty treat decorating to come up with some monstrous creations. As Yoda is still a little on the wee side she couldn’t quite grasp the concept of this but don’t worry I plied her with cakes whilst I set upon creating a masterpiece to enter in to the competition. Did I not mention the competition earlier? Oh well there was a little prize for the spookiest creation. My competitive edge took over and I wanted to defeat the other children, I wanted to win that prize, my artistic flair erupted and I was creating spooky delights including severed fingers, a mini graveyard scene, ghosts and oozing eyeballs, all made from delicious treats. I took this game very seriously in-between chasing down Yoda who had since developed a case of sugar rush much to the amusement of the other participants. Whilst I waited for the other participants/rivals to finish their designs I had to fend of a feral Yoda who was viciously trying to attack/eat my creation before fleeing off to the nearest exit fuelled by sugar. The showdown between mummy and Yoda must have taken a while as on our return to the judging table the winner had already been announced.

2012-10-30 13.04.00

It wasn’t me? How could it not be me? I was disheartened……beaten by a child. My pride flew out the door, as did my Yoda. The remainder of the event went on to create Halloween inspired cocktails (Mocktails) from witches brews to spooky swirls.They were very moorish, of course I had to sample a few, they were very inventive and rather tasty. Before I knew it, it was time to pack up and leave.

2012-10-30 13.03.04

We had such a lovely afternoon, the staff were very welcoming and did a great job at keeping us entertained. They made a great effort to put on a family event where everyone could take part, including Yoda. She had a fab afternoon and ran her little socks off (she even had a 15 minute nap in the pram to recuperate)

The children were provided with goodie bags (I even managed to grab one for myself, purely for research of course) which was a lovely end to a rather exciting afternoon.

This isn’t the first event that Red Hot World Buffet has hosted and it wont be the last, I only hope that I get the chance to attend the next one. If you would like to take part in the future, sign up to the Red Hot World Buffet mailing list and they will be sure to keep you informed of upcoming events.

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  1. Ah, what a cute little Yoda!

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