I would not consider myself as a pram whore, just very indecisive about what I wanted

When Isabelle reached 7 months I was finally happy with my pushchair purchase.

To start with we had

1) Silvercross 3D Travel System

I loved the carrycot position as it was ideal and cushioned for newborns and the design was quite appealing. The major downside was that the pram was so heavy, luckily this was going to be used as a spare pram for the grandparents but we couldn’t fit it in the boot of our car. With those two facts combined we decided it was not suitable for us.

2) Hauck Malibu in Charcoal

I love this little Travel System, it was very light weight, easy to handle and it fit in the boot of our little car. It came complete with all accessories, car seat and separate carrycot. We were impressed, that was until my little girl started to outgrow the carseat and I had to move her into the big girl seat. It was not rear facing, this had never crossed my mind until I realised I wanted to see her, I wanted her to be able to see me to. So the search for my next pram started.

3) Mothercare Xcursion

Hurray a rear facing pram but again this was too big and bulky even when it was collapsed and the wheels removed it would not fit in my boot. Time to look for a new pram?

4) Obaby Zezu Sport Pramette in Pink/Black

I loved the look of this pram, it was girly unlike the others that I had previous. My partner was not so keen on the pink. It converted easily from pram to pushchair. It fit into our boot (at a squeeze) and it was rear facing so what could possibly be wrong? I still wasn’t happy. The seat didn’t look and feel as supportive and padded as the other prams that I had used. It had to go

That brings me to

5) Quinny Buzz 3 in Capri

I love it, it ticks all my boxes and is a good looking pram. My only criticism so far is that it is quite wide, wider than it looks so I have had a few bumps into doorframes. This isn’t a good enough reason to be looking for pram number 6 just yet

………..but I am on the lookout for a stroller

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  1. Ooh interesting selection! Have you seen my post
    I have since got the M&P Urbo and I have the UPPABaby Vista on review!!! My house is bursting at the seams just from the prams! I think I need to put my hand up and say “I am a pram whore!”

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