Pramaholics Anonymous

Pramaholics Anonymous 2

How many prams is too many?

I thought that by now I would be satisfied, Earlier this year I finally got my hands on a pram that I had been lusting after since its announcement and first press releases.

On receiving this pram I assumed that I would be cured from my addiction and my cravings for a new pram would be long gone, quite simply that was not the case. In fact it made my yearnings stronger and I fear that I will not stop until I have completed my “most wanted” collection. I know what I want and the only thing stopping me is my limited funds and the pleas from my worried partner.

I know I am not alone, there are others like me, others that oogle prams the way I do. We are misunderstood by some that deem our behaviour unnecessary. Our desire and need for the next pram is alien to most.

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Pramaholics Anonymous 4

For me I believe that the world of blogging is to blame, my eyes were opened to the many wonderful brands, I was led astray. I know I can only use one pram at a time physically but I like a change. I know if I had just the one pram that I would not be happy with it, I would find faults and soon get bored which is what had happened to the prams of my past. Some have stayed with us for just a few weeks but others have stuck around, it always upsets me when I have to downsize and get rid of a pram.

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Pramaholics Anonymous 6

I only have one child but in her 20 months of life here are some of the prams that we have owned

Hauk Halibu Travel System
Silvercross 3d
Mothercare Xcursion
Obaby Zezu
Babystyle Oyster
Quinny Zapp
Quicksmart Easy Fold
Mothercare my4
Quinny Buzz 3
Quinny mood
Mothercare movix
Cosatto Yo! Golighlty

I would love to add a Bugaboo Bee or Donkey, Stokke, Easy Walker June and a Joolz to my collection. I’m hoping that when we extend our family my pram porn dreams will be fulfilled.

Now which way to Pramaholics Anonymous?

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