Pram Dilema

I have never been materialistic and picking a pram wasn’t a big concern when I was pregnant. Infact a lovely family member offered to buy us a pram as a gift for the baby, not one to turn such kindness down we gladly accepted and left her to choose a suitable pram. I wasn’t bothered what it was but I did have one requirement, it had to be able to fit in the boot of my car when folded as we only have a small hatchback. She purchased us a Hauck Malibu travel system in black, although I hadn’t really tested any of the Hauck range I was happy enough. It was light weight and did the job, that was until my little girl started to look a little on the big side for her carseat attachment and went to change over to the “big girl seat”. One major flaw being that it was forward facing with no option to have it rear facing, it didn’t feel quite right, I liked being able to see her and wasn’t ready for her to be facing the outside world. I felt comfort in knowing that should could see me in the car seat mode.

There was only one solution , I had to buy another pram.

So far I have had 3 prams and have only really been happy with the last purchsed one. But I am still not 100%, there is always another pram that I want.

I now have a list of prams and its safe to say I have no idea what I should go for. I’m not a big fan of 3 wheeled prams (for no particular reason). It has to be able to fit in the back of my small car, it has to be light weight and it has to have the option to be rear facing.

I have narrowed my search down to the following

Mothercare My4

Babystyle Oyster

Quinny Buzz 4


They all seem capable of my requirements……………Which to choose?

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