Potty Training–Where did we go wrong?

It started off so well, Isabelle would use the potty every time she needed to go and admittedly it was too good to be true. For two whole weeks we had no accidents, none at all but then something changed. We tried to introduce pants again, for previous weeks we had found that being butt naked was the key for us….(just Isabelle) but that feeling of cabin fever started to set in. I couldn’t take Isabelle outside minus her pants, so inside the house is where we would stay.

2013-02-08 16.09.57

Maybe I rushed the introduction of pants because as soon as I did it was all down hill, I realised my mistake after two short days when the accidents came flooding back. In fact there were more accidents than there were successful potty targets. I wanted to rectify my mistake and quickly withdrew pants time in the house, I was naive enough to think that this would immediately solve the problem. As you may have guessed, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Even though we had gone back to the same routine, the accidents kept on coming. She’s not telling us when she needs to wee, stepping barefoot into a cold puddle of wee is not pleasant, realising you are sat in a cold wet patch on the sofa is also not pleasant. My hard work (and Isabelle’s to) over the past few weeks has gone, it’s like we had never started to potty train. Even the lure of the toddler adapted toilet seat is posing no attraction or success.

I now need a plan B, I’m going to start from scratch, today we are resorting back to nappies and from Monday the potty and toilet will be reintroduced. We will go cold turkey without pants and nappies but I need incentives, perhaps reward charts or something similar but then would a two year old understand the concept of a reward chart?

I need help

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