Pines and Needles – Christmas Tree Review

Pines and Needles – Christmas Tree Review 2

There’s no doubt about it, Christmas is really is my favourite time of the year. I adore the magic and the excitement of it all but one of my favourite parts of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Every year since I can remember I have helped decorate and dress the tree, when I fled the nest tree picking and decorating became my responsibility. In that time I have become rather picky about what goes on my tree, the tree itself has to be perfect and the ornaments have to be arranged in a certain way. To me there has always been one thing missing each year, I had always used artificial trees. This year is different though, this year I have a real tree, an 8ft Nordmann Fir to be exact.


Courtesy of the fab lot at Pines and Needles, they kindly fulfilled my dreams and offered me tree of my choice to review for the festive period. How could I refuse an offer like that?

Quickly scouring the site, I already had my requirements in mind. I didn’t want to have to deal with mess and needles dropping, especially with a 3 year old and a tree enthusiast cat. This reduced my options to the non-drop Nordmann Fir trees but then they have trees from 3ft to 12ft. I went for the tallest tree that my living room would allow, 8ft would do it. Along with my tree, I was sent a water holding stand so that I could water my tree to extend its life.

The order was placed and I was given a delivery date of the very next day (rather speedy) before 12pm.


When the tree arrived that courier helped carry it inside where I discovered that it might have been a little bigger than what imagined. Not one to wait I delved straight in unpacking the tree. First off the stand was easy to set up, but if you struggle there were instructions to help you along. The trees arrive prepped to be set up so there was no messing about having to trim the tree ready to be put in the stand. I simply had to wrestle the tree (the Mr was in work) into the stand, tighten and then fill the reservoir with water. Once the string holding the tree together was snipped the branches started to fall into place leaving me able to inspect my tree in all its glory.


I couldn’t have been more happy with the tree, it was full, bushy and smelt amazing. It was perfectly fresh, well shaped and flawless. I had a good read over the tree care guide that they have available on the website which is full of useful information on how to take best care of your tree, once satisfied I had done all the right things I was ready to decorate and create my festive masterpiece that would sit pride of place in my living room.


I was outside of the catchment are for the Pines and Needles delivery so this meant the I was setting up the tree myself but they do offer an amazing service of delivery, installation and they even offer a tree decorating service so you don’t even have to lift a finger, then at the end of it all you can even request collection and recycling at a cost. Honestly that’s an impressive service right there and pretty much hard to beat.

Pines and Needles pledge to beat any  price and offer the best possible value which means you get a lot of premium tree for your money. If you are not happy with your tree they are happy to replace it with their quality guarantee. We were perfectly happy with ours and as you can see form the little one’s face, Christmas trees are exciting business.

 tree 3

It’s easy to see that at Pines and Needles, they are passionate about trees. They commit to helping the environment in every way possible, using tree’s from sustainable forests and having little to no effect on breeding or disturbance of wildlife.

It’s not just trees, Pines and Needles also stock and sell wreathes, tree decorations, garlands and even fully decorated trees! That’s pretty much everything covered for Christmas decorating.


I have been extremely happy with my tree from Pines and Needles, the quality is amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now and would recommend them to anyone.

We received this item to review but all thoughts and words are my own. For more information about products and services from Pines and Needles, you can visit the website here



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  2. Ivana Bartlett

    at 11:41 am

    We ordered our Christmas garland (fresh) also from PINES AND NEEDLES, months ago, and it was supposed to arive yesterday (Dec 21st) as we have been away. It did not arive yesterday (even though they anounced it was coming in an email). We gave them a call today just to find out that our galrand was “lost” and that they cannot replace it. They did offfer to refund us, but that does not help as now it is too late to find a new fresh garland. Since we did not get a tree, this definitely spoils our Christmas. We know that our garland did exist, so obvious explanataion is that someone stole it, or rather sold it. Obviously we will NEVER AGAIN USE PINES AND NEEDLES and will make sure that noone we know does it either. Shame on you, Pines and Needles, that is not accepted behaviour in ourdinary times, but at Christmas, this is just shameful.

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