Parenting: Are we doing it right?


Today I hit a new parenting milestone, I packed away all of Isabelle’s 3-6 month old clothes (in case we have a baby #2) which brought me to the realisation that my baby is growing up. She is soon becoming a toddler and this scares me.

Since her birth we have cared for Isabelle and most of the things that we do for her have come as a natural instinct. Feeding, keeping her clean, warm and dry, comforting her etc but now what do we do? She is 9 months old and I suddenly feel like a new parent again, this is the time where we are going to have to start teaching her how to do things, teaching her right from wrong and even to the extent disciplining her.

Once again I am clueless!

As well as caring for her needs we now have to guide her so how do I know if we are doing it right? What if I create a monster (she’s certainly a very cheeky little madam) What if we do something wrong?

If only parenting came with a complete handbook


  1. Just go with your instincts. You’ve done an amazing job so far and that cheekiness is a sign of a secure, independent little lady. As long as she knows you love her and will support her, even when she messes up, then everything else is incidental.

    1. Thanks Helen, I was certain that the cheekiness was a sign that we created a little monster so young. Maybe there is some hope for us afterall! 😀

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