Outdoor Adventures With James Wellbeloved

Outdoor Adventures With James Wellbeloved 2

I couldn’t imagine our lives with our dogs in it, we’ve always been dog people, in fact when most couples get together they have the talk about marriage and children, for is it was about dogs. What breeds would we want, how many dogs would we want etc.


When we lost our darling German Shepard, Sandy, we knew that our home wasn’t a home unless we had a dog. That’s when Obi came along, followed a year later by Loki. They are highly energetic English Springer Spaniels, the perfect dogs for our family outdoor adventures. We love discovering new places and taking our dogs along with us. To us they are very much part of the family, they truly are mans best friend.

Obi and Loki love nothing more than jumping in the back of the car to see where our adventure takes us. Whether it’s a day at the beach, frolicking by a lake, hiking in the peak district, they are at their happiest exploring the great outdoors. You can find us outside in all weather, Obi is particularly fond of muddy puddles in the rain and going for a swim even when it is freezing.

It’s not just the dogs that love the great outdoors, it’s honestly one of our favourite things to do as a family. We are lucky that where we live, we are never far away from a decent hiking trail or the countryside but one of our favourite spots is right on our doorstep. It combines the things that they enjoy the most. long grass, open fields, muddy woods & small bodies of water. It’s not a great combination with our mostly white Springer who can often be found in bogs of filthy, muddy water. He will always find a patch of mud and take our mud loving daughter with him, they do have a mutual love for getting dirty. Loki on the other hand likes to stop for rests in sun spots and watch the world go by. Either way they have the time of their lives and enjoy every minute of it.The whole month of May has been National Walking Month and we have thoroughly enjoyed making the most of our natural environment

dog walk

We do still enjoy taking them on trips to our local parks but they are happiest in wide open spaces and they can run until they have no energy left (that’s a very rare thing with a Springer!). Just like us humans, exercise is really important to help keep your dog fit and healthy. It’s not just about the exercise either, diet plays a huge part in keeping our beloved pets happy and healthy. After a long afternoon out, a clean up and a check for those pesky ticks after playing in the long grass, it’s time for dinner and a much needed rest. We have two springers with allergies and they find it difficult to break down food containing grains. We find it best to feed them on grain free dog food from James Wellbeloved which is gentle on their sensitive stomachs. It’s hypoallergenic and contains all the goodness and nutrients that they need using simple ingredients which is easier for their digestive systems to manage.

Feeding a healthy diet and ensuring our dogs are well exercised, ensures that we have the happiest and healthiest pets that we can enjoy many adventures with over years to come.

We would love to hear about your adventures, do you or your dogs have a favourite place to go?

** This post is collaboration with James Wellbeloved but all thoughts are my own**

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