New Technologies That Mums Should Understand in 2023

technology and parenting

Parenting is deeply rewarding, but no one ever said that raising kids would be easy. The normal parts of parenting haven’t changed in the last two hundred years. but there are always things that come along that pose an extra challenge. For example, parents in the 90s had to grapple with the decision to trust their kids with mobile phones and all the other challenges that accompanied them. Now, modern parents are facing a similar set of problems on a much larger scale.

The current digital age has brought with it so much new technology that your kids will be using. As such, you should probably take it upon yourself to learn more about this technology. Here are some of the new technologies that mums should understand in 2023.


Do you remember rushing home from school in the afternoon to watch your favourite show on TV? Well, modern kids are no different. The only change you may notice is that your kids will head to the computer to watch their favourite shows instead of the TV. That is because most children use a video-sharing site known as YouTube to watch content.

You can rest easy knowing that YouTube is very good at monitoring the content that is uploaded. Therefore, modern parents do not need to worry about the content that their kids are viewing on YouTube, especially if you have the correct parental controls installed on your PC.  If you find yourself concerned at any point, you can always look at the video history on the site to see what your kids may have been watching. There is another wrinkle that comes with YouTube in 2023. Many children may want to use the video-sharing site to upload their own content. To ensure that your children do this safely, you can learn about video editing and how to monitor YouTube comments so that your children are not privy to untoward language.

QR Codes

QR codes are nothing new to people living in the digital age; however, these series of lines and squiggles can appear confusing to those who are uninitiated. QR codes are used as a way to link you to specific sites to save you time having to memorise domain names or type out lengthy web addresses. You can find QR codes everywhere at the moment. QR codes can be found in:

–              Restaurants

–              Shops

–              On TV

–              In schools

–              Business cards

Basically, modern parents can expect to find QR codes wherever they choose to take their kids. If your child has access to a smartphone, then they will always be able to scan these codes on the fly. That is why it is important for modern mums to know where they are likely to encounter safe QR codes. You do not want your children to scan QR codes found on wall stickers, for example. You can also learn more about QR codes by understanding where they come from. The best way to do this is by finding a free QR code generator.

Online Video Games

Video games have become a staple part of childhood ever since the arcades opened in the 1970s. However, children no longer rush out to the arcade or crowd around a single TV screen to play video games. nowadays, children are far more likely to play their video games online. What’s more, video games are a more mainstream hobby in 2023 than it was when they first came out. This means that more adults are likely to engage in online game lobbies than ever before.

With almost every modern video game featuring a live chat feature, kids who play online are more likely to come into contact with people of an older generation when they play video games. While you cannot control what these people say over the live chat, parents will have more of a chance of protecting their children from foul language and adult themes by learning more about the games their kids play. There are certain times that you can log onto a game server to avoid contact with adults and specific games cater to a younger audience. Your kids are more likely to encounter young people on a Minecraft server than in Fortnite, for example.

Social Media

Social media has been around for so long that most parents probably do not even consider it a new technology. These platforms are so integrated into modern life, that it is likely that your kids are already curious about these sites. Fortunately, most modern social media platforms do not allow anyone under the age of thirteen to create an account. Therefore, you will be able to know that something is wrong if your child is using social media and they are below this age. These age restrictions are in place to protect kids from adult materials, so make sure you pay attention to them.


Parenting is something that is always going to pose a challenge. Fortunately, new technology should no longer pose a threat to this process in 2023.

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