A New Addition – Meet our puppy

A New Addition - Meet our puppy 2

You may have read already that we recently lost our old girl Sandy, we’d had her for such a long time that we had forgotten what life without a dog was like. We’re animal people here at Mum’s The Nerd, life doesn’t feel complete without our furry companions. It took a few weeks after Sandy’s death for it to sink in that we would no longer had a dog and we missed having a companion. I had that niggling in the back of my head that it was too soon to get another dog, I didn’t want to feel like we were replacing Sandy, she was after all our best friend, the one who loved us no matter what and the one who greeted us every day with her excited face and wagging tail. The house felt completely empty without her

The Mr and I sat down one evening to discuss getting another dog, we weighed out all of the pros and cons. Before we knew it we were making lists of breeds that would fit into our newly found active lifestyle as well as being an all rounded family dog. Some of you may know that I have been longing after a Pug and French Bulldog for years but I soon realised, these pooches did not tick all the boxes and would not be the perfect fit for our family.

The Mr and I are quite similar in what we like and it was no surprise that the same dog breeds appeared on our list. Eventually we had narrowed it down…..to two breeds and that’s where our search for our canine companion started.

It didn’t take long before we spotted a handsome little chap, with flopsy ears, the most adorable nose and cute little puppy eyes. As soon as we went to meet him, we knew he was the one, the newest member of our family.

People of the internet, meet Obi the Springer Spaniel

2014-09-20 13.08.17

If you would like to see more of Obi, take a look at our Instagram feed. I’m sure over the coming months you will hear lots more about Obi and his adventures as he settles into our family.

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