My Two Cents on Gift Shopping…

My Two Cents on Gift Shopping… 2


Some of you will probably only start your gift shopping this weekend; the final few days before Christmas. Could you leave it any later ladies and gents?



In addition to all this, most money savvy people these days will likely have a budget that they aim to stay within, which makes gift shopping considerably harder the more people you have to buy gifts for. You’ll probably allow yourself a little extra leeway when it comes to a husband or your partner, and definitely your kids, but for most people, the most we spend on Christmas gifts per person is between £30-40.

To accommodate this budget with the recent YOUGOV Christmas poll in mind, I thought I would put together a little list of Christmas gift ideas for you last minute shoppers out there. Hopefully, there is still time…

1. A gift card is by the far best last minute gift idea out there! You don’t have to use any additional brainpower to figure out what the recipient needs or even wants, you just get the darn diddely card and put some money on it. You could call this a K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) Christmas gift. However, if you want to do a little extra, you could find out what their favourite store is and get the gift card to that specific store. There is no point getting them a gift card to River Island, if they are full on Top Shop fans!

2. Is there someone in your life that is always late for meetings or family events – get them a watch! They’ll have no excuse for being late anymore and can’t blame their lateness on their phone dying either. The hard part is probably conditioning them to wear their new present!

3. You don’t have to make gift shopping for men any harder than it has to be, men are creatures of habit, so what better to get them than something they actually need. Just take a peak in their closet and find out what products are on the verge of running out or simply what is in need of some basis updating. You could get them some Calvin Klein or Boss underwear from Figleaves or a new pair or pyjamas to keep them warm throughout these chilling winter months.

4. As for mum; you could get her a stay at a nice hotel in the nearest city so she can recline and relax after all the stress or Christmas. You could even pool together with a few people in your family; brother and sisters, and give this to both mum and dad as a Christmas/New year’s gift. If you go with this idea, make sure you arrange to baby sit the kids if they are underage!


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