My Darling Daughter

My Darling Daughter 2

It’s impossible to describe how much we love you and proud you make us. In just 36 hours you will be celebrating your 2nd birthday, it’s hard to believe you were once a tiny newborn.



You have made us laugh and share so much joy over the past two years. You are and always have been very independent but you know your mummy and daddy will always be there. We comfort you when you are sad and crying but at the same time you comfort us back. It amazes us that even though you are still very young, you share empathy.

You throw the most hellish tantrums and although we shouldn’t we do find it amusing and don’t worry, we have saved videos to show you when you are older and show your future friends and husband one day.


You have such a personality now and your speech amazes me, each day you learn something new and absorb everything like a sponge. Today you learned how to say excuse me please, you made me so proud and continue to do so each and every day.

You are a fearless child (other than power tools and the kitchen blender) and you let nothing get in your way. You scare mummy and daddy when you leap from heights I would feel uncomfortable jumping from. You have already shown how caring you are and that you have a love for animals, Jasper our cat is your best friend and your relationship is amazing to see.


We love you and nothing will ever change that

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  1. Beautiful, a lucky little girl to be so safe and loved 😀

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