My Changing Bag Essentials

My Changing Bag Essentials 2

Now that Isabelle is 9 months old my changing bag essentials have changed slightly for our every day travels.

1. Wipes
2. Tissues for that snotty baby nose & dribble mouth
3. Nappies & Nappy cream
4. Nappy Bags & Changing mat
5. Sippy Cup
6. Complete spare set of clothes
7. Mei Tai
8. Soothers & Soother Clip
9. Assorted Teethers
10. Feeding Bowl Set & Bib
11. Hats catering for weather Sunny/Cold
12. Anbesol/Bongela/Nelsons Teetha/Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders
13. Moisturising Cream
14. Baby lunch box of snacks (ie fruit, cucumber, Organix carrot sticks) & Fruit Pot
15. Various Toys
16. Baby hair brush and bobbles (for that unruly hair)
17. The wonderful miracle cream that I use for everything!
18. Sun Cream
19. Vaseline
20. Antibacterial Hand Spray & Antibacterial Toy Foam

My Changing Bag Essentials 3My Changing Bag Essentials 4

This about everything that I would need to take Isabelle out for a the day/few hours. Even though I desperately crave that luxury changing bag, my trusty Paul Frank change bag does the job with lots of room to spare (just about).

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